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Solution found. How to sell CS:GO skins for real money instantly

Posted 17th May 2017 By: para    435 Views

It’s a sure and well-known thing that these days there are more and more CS:GO players looking for ways to sell CS:GO skins for real money. It hardly is a secret that this process can waste a lot of time, energy and nerves, especially when one tries to find a buyer on his own or via services that takes weeks or, if you are lucky enough, days before they actually pay. So, is an instant cash out for CS:GO items a myth, a hollow Internet rumor? Let me share my own experience to help you make your mind.
There are several services on the Internet claiming to be providing instant payments for CS:GO skins. I know for a fact that one of them keeps their word.
It’s a logical and reasonable thing to make at least a small research before trusting anybody with your money. When I first heard of a service called, I visited their website, looked through what they offered, checked out the feedbacks from the actual Steam users I could see there. It all looked really good, but still, I wanted more and I wanted to be 100% sure. So, I followed the links to their pages on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and VK. I saw hundreds of satisfied users leaving positive reviews there, just like on their Steam and pages. What I saw made up my mind, so I had no worries and felt confident when using for the first time. All I had to do was log in via my Steam account, input my trade link, pick up the skins I wanted to sell for real money, choose the payment method from multiple available and confirm the trade. Before I even started to wonder how long it might actually take before I receive my money, I saw a notification about the payment having been completed already. It literally took just about a minute!


After having my delicious lunch for the money I’ve got, I made a deeper research on the site as I definitely was planning to sell more. Among all the advantages and cool options offers I would like to dwell upon the following:
⦁ Online support works 24/7 they are open, friendly, ready to provide any guidance on the service and they won’t keep you waiting, be sure.
⦁ The more you sell, the more you get! To get an additional bonus, one has to sell for only 25 dollars. Most active sellers receive up to 10% of the bonus.
⦁ The site is really open to everyone, though, as the minimal sum you can withdraw instantly is only $1.
⦁ A decent chance to win a cool skin every week participating in the giveaway.
After months of using it, I struggle to come up with any disadvantages one could face there. Try it yourself and join the army of the satisfied users. I am definitely there already!


Written by para

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