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Dota 2 Patch: Expect Better Games Without Playing Alongside Toxic Players

Posted 12th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    187 Views

Dota 2 Patch: Expect Better Games Without Playing Alongside Toxic Players

In its most recent patch, Valve changed how the matchmaking system works in hopes of fixing the lingering issue of toxicity in the community. Now, with the recent implementation of behavior scores, caused games to have players that vary in matchmaking rating (MMR), leading to frustration among the community because this matchmaking system made much higher skilled players matched up with not-as-skilled players.

You fix the queue

Dota 2 has always been targeted by its own players with its matchmaking system. Valve has tried out many changes, among of this is implementing MMR into the queuing system, where its goal, players will be matched to same leveled players. The rating does have its valid points, but it still lacks something. This led to Valve adding another factor attempting to make its matchmaking perfect. The recent addition was the behavior system, wherein matchmaking will base a player’s in-game behavior along with its MMR. Although, this change backfired, matching players with wild variations in MMR. Finally, in this recent patch, Valve adjusted the behavior scores to be less significant to the matchmaking factor. According to the patch, behavior score will focus on the worst offenders in terms of game rules, rather than the whole players of Dota 2.

Matchmaking will now be sensitive to a player’s number of games played, rather than the behavior score and rating. Although for the new players, smurf detection is still in place. Even though the new players have played a lot of games, their skill level will be a higher factor to the matchmaking.

Is this really effective?

Hopefully, with this patch, Valve will eventually get to make its matchmaking perfect. But for now, we can see better matches and games. Players–as long as they don’t become a toxic player–will get to avoid the toxic players and the disparities in MMR. Expect better Dota 2 games from now on.


In addition to the patch, Valve strictly implemented better detections for botters, exploiters, account sellers, and in-game feeding, according to the patch. These improved algorithms will automatically detect and flag accounts who does any of these. Lastly, known offenders have received bans in matchmaking last week which was also added in the patch notes.

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