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Breaking The Status Quo: Female Esports Players Turned World Champions

Posted 10th October 2017 By: Noreen - Tipify Staff    513 Views

Breaking The Status Quo: Female Esports Players Turned World Champions - Tipify

Finding female esports players is not difficult these days. But still, it is amazing to know that there are successful women in a predominantly male industry such as esports. In 2014, six female esports players under one team all competed at a tournament in Paris. Without any sponsor to help them, they paid for their own travel expenses just to participate in such tournament. All their hard work and dedication for the competitive computer gaming paid off when they placed second in the entire tournament, which was just the beginning of their career. In a Copenhagen tournament, the all-female team won first place. The CS:GO Women under the banner of Team Dignitas are now recognized by the esports community and not to be taken lightly.


In an interview, the team leader of the female CS:GO players Emmalee “emuhleet” Garrido said they didn’t want to be regarded as the best female team. They want to be regarded as one of the best CS:GO teams in the world, regardless of gender. The group practices by playing five-to-six times per we which is effective as they are now recognized as North America’s best women’s team and the world’s second best women’s team. In international tournaments in Paris, Poland, and Copenhagen, they all placed in the top three, and in the eSports World Convention in September 2016, they finished second.

The CS:GO Women are members of the organization Team Dignitas. It is the first esports team to be bought by the Philadelphia 76ers, a U.S.-based professional sports franchise. A year before being a part of the 76ers organization, Team Dignitas already contacted the women’s team. Garrido shared that during that time, they were never told about being a female team. They were recruited for their talent as professional gamers, something that fuels their passion for esports even more. The group which used to be self-sufficient and survived without any sponsorships is now hoarded by big names. Through the 76ers, a NBA team announced it will be participating in the NBA 2K League, which commences in 2018, and that it will include both male and female gamers. The story of these CSGO women grabbed the attention of the esports and esports betting community, as they continue to serve as inspiration for aspiring female gamers.

Noreen - Tipify Staff

Written by Noreen - Tipify Staff