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Why Does CS:GO Need Role-Defining To Play Competitively?

Posted 22nd October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    950 Views

Why Does CS:GO Need Role-Defining To Play Competitively? - Tipify

As a firm believer of implementing a meta in esports, this writing goes over why role defining is important in CS:GO. Mostly in competitive games and major tournaments, but lobby games are just as crucially needed to be organized. This will be a series of articles that start with this one, going over the importance of meta and afterward, each CS:GO roles will be done.

Effects of role-defining

Many CS:GO players would argue that role-defining is not necessary to be able to play competitively. Their reasoning is that different teams or players can jot out their own strategies or ‘roles’ according to their own devised plan. While many may agree in part that CS:GO is not a metagame like the MOBA games we see today, but it needs strategical planning before a game starts.

Disagreements can spark in regard to role defining. Some say it isn’t necessary because every organized competitive game needs a specific designated role. This does not suggest a single defined role, but whatever the captains and coaches need a player to do, they’ll tell the player the role. This is because having good communication of what team leaders needs of their members to do essentially gives them an understanding of what exactly they have to bring to the team. This avoids the confusion and pierces through organizational barriers that go in between leaders and members. This is how sports evolved. Even though we see the positions changing over the years, we continue to see defined roles for the athletes and this has brought much success to them.

Effects of role-defining in spectating

Usually, players are labeled to play a sole role. This is good because viewers can also understand how the game will progress and broadcasters can explain the game in detail. Which they can build terminologies that everyone in the game understands, making spectating easier for everyone. The bottom line is, while this makes the game competitive, it also brings excitement and much-need organization that we crave to see. It isn’t going to be a one-man army purposefully killing all the enemies in barrages of a machine gun. We’ll be able to play and witness an organized, tactfully game, showcasing the players’ knowledge of the map, grenade-throwing, and surprise attacks.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff