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East London Will Have Its Own Esports Arena

Posted 29th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    350 Views

East London Will Have Its Own Esports Arena - Tipify

A group of property developers, Silvertown Partnership, have revealed a plan to develop an arena to house esports competitions and events. The building is set to be 300,000 square feet and will have a complete arena, player lodging, and fan areas–hoping to create an arena that will resemble Rome’s Colosseum.

London’s esports hub

In East London’s largely known Docklands, where a 62-acre industrial site stands a barren of silent grassy land. Here lies an old grain facility, Silo D where it towers over a flour mill. Currently, this space clearly does not display a welcoming ambiance for esports fans. Yet, Silvertown aims to make this London’s esports hub. When you think of esports, East London is what comes to mind at first. Along with the arena, the property developers want to establish 3,000 homes, office buildings, and restaurants which seems to support the esports arena in the future.

“It will be one big amphitheater, like a mini version of Rome’s Colosseum with boxes all the way around for teams and testing areas.” Ben Reed, a project head for Silvertown said. Although it may not seem like it can host large events, it can hold 2,500 spectators.

England as an esports host

London has proven that it can accommodate different esports tournaments and events with its track record. Back in 2014, 12,500 fans filled Wembley Arena to watch League of Legends. Also, Copper Box Arena hosted Gfinity 3 where they could seat 7,500 spectators. Although, another esports-focused facility already exists in London. The Gfinity Arena in West London has picked its location near a shopping center with a warm atmosphere along with a cinema. The problem is, it can only hold 600 people. Silvertown wants to scale this into something bigger.


Ben Reed and Silvertown are still progressing with their goal. Reed aims to bring in promotional opportunities in the arena, too. “Gillette might want to do a brand experience, a six-month occupancy, Red Bull might want to do some events here. And then you’ve got less obvious ones, multi-channel networks need broadcasting studio space. We’re building relationships, we’re shortlisting people, but we can’t close the list because there are so many interesting things happening.” Reed added.

The esports-focused arena is still coming together. But the objective is clear and exciting. A facility with game developers and publishers, media broadcasters, esports team, and brands. This is the future of esports.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff