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The Boston Major 2018: ELEAGUE Selected As Tournament Host

Posted 9th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    386 Views

The Boston Major 2018: ELEAGUE Selected As Tournament Host - Tipify

Esports tournament host, ELEAGUE will open the calendar year of 2018 as it is set to host the Valve Major tournament, The Boston Major for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). ELEAGUE 2018 will take place in Boston, Massachusetts in late January 2018.

The CS:GO playoffs will take place at Boston University’s Agganis Arena from January 26 to January 28. It will showcase the best 16 CS:GO teams around the world, fighting to be crowned as the new international CS:GO champion.

There are eight Legend teams who confirmed and qualified to play at the Boston Major. These teams have earned to be at The Major by getting to the playoffs of the recently finished, PGL Krakow Major last July. The teams are, in no particular order, Gambit Esports, Astralis, Virtus Pro, Fnatic, SK Gaming, BIG, North, and Immortals. Although, for the ELEAGUE Major Qualifier, these teams will still need to fight against each other to qualify for The Boston Major. But only eight teams are set to be on the qualifiers: Cloud9, G2 Esports, FlipSid3 Tactics, Natus Vincere, Mousesports, former PENTA Sports, FaZe Clan, and Vega Squadron. The Major Qualifier will commence on January 12 and will end on January 15 at Atlanta, almost one week before the coveted ELEAGUE: The Boston Major begins.

ELEAGUE made changes on the format of the group phase of the competition. Unlike the past tournaments where 16 teams competed for one week in a single venue with only one day of rest. The tournament will now be in three days where teams can have a better rest period and have more time preparing strategies before competing on the biggest stage of CS:GO.

The road to The Boston Major

Getting into the most prestigious CS:GO tournament is a grueling process for the teams and players. There are only eight spots for the Major Qualifier of which, only two spots are available for two teams per region (American, Asian, European, and CIS regions). Teams need to get through their regional qualifier and then the major qualifier before advancing to The Boston Major.

Qualifying minor tournaments

There will be two minor tournaments that will take place on the weekend of October 26 to October 29, the CIS Minor will both happen in Romania and South Korea. Also, for the aspiring Europeans, the European Minor will also take place in Romania but will be at a later date of November 2 to 5. Finally, on the same weekend, there will be the residents of the America regions to secure a spot in the Americas Minor at Ontario, Canada.

Where to watch The Boston Major

Fortunately, all of the qualifying matches, group, and playoff stages will be streamed real-time on Twitch, YouTube, TBS, and on the website of ELEAGUE. Furthermore, if you’re into CS:GO betting, the event promises to bring more excitement to enthusiasts of the game and esports bettors around the globe.

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