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The Esports Platform Eloplay Is Having A Token Sale

Posted 3rd October 2017 By: Noreen - Tipify Staff    263 Views

The Esports Platform Eloplay Is Having A Token Sale - Tipify

Eloplay–a game-changer in the esports field

Esports gained a massive popularity among people all over the internet. Having more than 400 million audiences and earning more than $695 million, it is no wonder for the competitive video gaming to be included in the 2022 Asian Games, and to be considered for inclusion in the 2024 Olympics. The only downside of it though is that major tournaments by game developers and brands only allow professional players to win million dollar prize pools. As a result, amateur players have no chance of competing for the big prizes.

Eloplay, an esports platform, aims to solve this issue by introducing ‘Small Tournaments’ wherein amateur players can participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools. Smart Tournaments can be organized by anyone on the platform including individual players, organizations or brands, and Eloplay itself. The Smart Tournament feature supports single elimination, double elimination, and best of N tournaments.

Eloplay’s token sale: A fundraising event

Now, Eloplay announces it will be holding a token sale that will last for a month, or until the maximum cap has been reached. It will begin on the 16th of October at 12 pm London time (UTC+0), until the 15th of November 2017. Its minimum target is $3,000,000 while the maximum cap is $12,000,000. It accepts currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. One Ethereum is equivalent to 10,000 Eloplay tokens. Each person can have unlimited tokens having a minimum transaction amount of one Ethereum with no maximum transaction amount.

There are five stages in which the token sale will take place. Each stage is provided with the following bonuses: first hour funders will get a 20% Token bonus; first day funders will get a 15% Token bonus; first week funders will get a 10% Token bonus, second week funders will get a 5% Token bonus; and after the second week, there are no more bonuses available. Bitcoin users are encouraged to participate in the said event which will be for a good cause. These blockchain-based tournaments give chance to amateur players to win major prizes thanks to the decentralized prize pools.

Whether you’re into CS:GO matches or Dota 2 games, Eloplay’s token sale is a great way to add more thrills and unique qualities to your betting experiences. Stay in tune and see what the future of esports has in store for you.

Noreen - Tipify Staff

Written by Noreen - Tipify Staff