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Entry Fragger: Humility Leads To Success

Posted 30th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    456 Views

Entry Fragger: Humility Leads To Success - Tipify

In a continuing series that helps promote the importance of role-defining in CS:GO games. Here’s to better games with the meta.

As a firm believer of assigning designated roles in CS:GO to play competitively, this entry will talk about one of the key roles in CS:GO. The entry fragger. Why might you ask? Well, the entry fragger is one of the most humble roles because the player shows unselfishness by taking one for the team. The role requires being fearless due to the fact that the entry fragger needs to be the first one to enter an ambushed site, awaiting and hopefully tanking all enemy fire in an attempt to get many kills as possible. This role is courageous, and if a player does the role right, it brings great advantage for any CS:GO team. Especially in competitive games like tournaments, where the players rise to the occasion.

Qualities of an entry fragger

What qualities should you look for in an entry fragger aspirant? Most importantly, the player needs to get everyone’s trust. Knowing the teammates will follow suit once he starts ambushing the enemies and that they help one another cover. Being humble is a vital quality because the role requires no ego and accepting the duties required. The entry fragger initiates offensively, but the chances are high that the role will be the first to die.

Be prepared and have a backup plan

A good tip for entry fraggers: before attacking, have a visualized plan. Yes, plans may not always work out and you’d have to adapt to the situation, but being ready helps you know what to do after moving past a corner. With fewer decisions to make on the action, it’s easier to focus on getting kills.

Practicing the role

If you want to play CS:GO competitively, you have to devote time to practice. You might know the saying, “great things aren’t made overnight” and that applies very much here. Proper CS:GO gaming can’t be learned right away. You need to hone your strategies and aiming. Usually, you won’t be able to practice during a match, so the best thing to do is to look for an empty server and practice alone. Here you can try different entry paths when attacking bomb sites. Look for the best strategic entry where you can push successfully. Also, practice with your teammates, especially your support. The more games you and your team play together, the more comfortable you will all be playing with each other.

The role has its ups and downs, but as the entry fragger has the highest percentage to die, it’s usually included in crazy highlight clips because of the capability to kill many enemies after a successful ambush.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff