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Ban-Hammer: 3 CS:GO Players Banned During The European Minor Qualifiers

Posted 16th October 2017 By: Noreen - Tipify Staff    318 Views

Ban-Hammer: 3 CS:GO Players Banned During The European Minor Qualifiers - Tipify

CS:GO team Optimistic’s KerZe, Invictus Aquilas’ Ciocardau, and PlanetenOG’s SodaH were all found guilty of cheating by CEVO, the tournament’s server-client host, while playing on their online qualifier games. CEVO, has included an anti-cheat system in the client to survey all cheating and manipulations during the game. In which, all of their bans will be based off “sufficient technical evidence.” Quote from a statement posted on Reddit. In addition, Ciocardau’s ban was detected by the client’s anti-cheat system and KerZe’s ban was after his account was reviewed by CEVO.

Bracket changes: Means more delays

Alike from the players who received the bans, their respective teams, Team Optimistic, Invictus Aquilas, and PlanetenOG were all disqualified from continuing to play in the European Minor qualifier. In this effect, disqualifications from the bracket will be overturned.

“As a result, disqualifications in the EU bracket led CEVO to come to the conclusion that matches must be overturned and the affected teams rescheduled. In our opinion, it was unacceptable for a team to proceed to the closed qualifiers for one of the largest events of the year from a forfeit win.” CEVO representative added in the official statement on Reddit.

In Invictus’ defense

On the other hand, Invictus Aquilas defended their own player once the match ended and said that the ban was a “huge breach of trust from CEVO.” In which, they posted links to Ciocardau’s demos that proves he is innocent in a Twitter post. But, after a few hours of defending their player, Invictus’ own CEO formally released a statement giving their gratitude for some supporters and that they have attempted to reach out to different sites to “get [Invictus Aquilas’] voice out there.”

”Since the incident has occurred, we have approached multiple sites to get our voice out there and it has been made aware to us that certain people have been in fact informed this ban was not a “Manual ban” yet CEVO refuses to publicly make this claim and back it up with evidence.” Said by Invictus CEO, Mihai Uzum in an official statement.

Lastly, as the issue lingered, the fans were the most affected by this. Currently, they hope that cheating, especially in the big stages of CS:GO will be removed.

Noreen - Tipify Staff

Written by Noreen - Tipify Staff