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These Japan-Inspired CS:GO Skins Are Worth The Hype

Posted 17th October 2017 By: Noreen - Tipify Staff    10914 Views

These Japan-inspired CS:GO Skins Are Worth The Hype - Tipify

CS:GO players who want their guns to be nice to look at as they take down their enemies tend to personalize their guns with skins. Each player has their own taste when it comes to choosing skins. Anime lovers, or simply anyone who likes all things that are inspired by Japan, could actually buy some anime or Japan-inspired CS:GO skins. Even CS:GO teams and players who are not a big fan of the Japanese aesthetics will admit that these Japan-inspired CS:GO skins are visually pleasing.

Galil AR — Kami

Kami features a page of an original, Counter-Strike-themed manga. The manga page grom which it was drawn from is a comedic explanation of how to play CS:GO. “Kami” is a Japanese word which means “paper,” but it could also mean “God”, depending on the kanji. This skin is relatively cheap with a factory new “30 day” average price of $0.36.

Galil AR — Crimson Tsunami

The Crimson Tsunami is inspired by the Great Wave of Kanagawa which is a classic Japanese woodblock print made in the 1800s by the famous ukiyo-e artist Katsukhika Hokusai. This piece of art inspired many artists of the late 1800s including Debussy and Van Gogh. the aesthetics of the Japanese art even looks good as a CS:GO skin. It has a factory new “30 day” average price of $1.13.

AK-47 — Bloodsport

Bloodsport has the most simple yet stylish design. With red as its dominant color, it appears as strong yet not intimidating to the eyes. The word “Strike” is written on the upper handguard which appears to be in SEGA font. The word “Lightning” in Katakana, a Japanese syllabary, on the charging handle. Beside it, “Ninja—for a silent approach” was written, which perfectly describes the use and effect of an AK-47 gun. Its factory new “30 day” average price is $58.91.

AWP — Oni Taiji

The Oni Taiji depicts a heroic warrior fighting an Oni, a kind of demon from Japanese folklore. The skin designer L’grand did not make it clear what his intention was when the skin was designed, but the name of the skin translates to “demon extermination.” It has a factory new “30-day” average price of $64.58.

AUG — Akihabara Accept

The most expensive skin in the list is Akihabara Accept. It is the only CS:GO skin which has an anime girl on it. The gun has questions on it about your KD written in Japanese. The only words you can clearly read on it is “get rekt.” This skin is hard to find. One was even sold on Oct. 7 for $848.05. The minimal wear “30-day” average price of it is $254.76.

CS:GO Skins

What are you waiting for? Buy one of these Japan-inspired skins now. But if you want new skins but anime or any Japanese stuff do not interest you and you are skeptical to spend money on these, you could check out’s free skins promo and be amazed by all the CS:GO skins up for grabs.

Noreen - Tipify Staff

Written by Noreen - Tipify Staff