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LoL Worlds 2017 Semi-Finals Stage Complete

Posted 24th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    466 Views

 LoL Worlds 2017 Semi-Finals Stage Complete - Tipify

SK Telecom T1 (SKT1), Royal Never Give up (RNG), Team WE(WE), and Samsung Galaxy (Samsung) are the final four teams who will compete in the semi-finals phase of the League of Legends World Championship 2017.

What happened in the quarterfinals stage?

The Worlds 2017 Group Stages has been controlled by 4 dominant League of Legends teams that led in their own groups. Absurdly, however, only 3 of those group leaders remain alive to vie for the Worlds trophy. Samsung upset Longzhu Gaming and swept the Group B leader in 3 straight matches. To put this into context, Longzhu is the only undefeated team in the Group Stages. This goes to say that anything can happen in esports, and dominating teams can still be beaten. Samsung will take Longzhu’s spot and represent Group B in an exciting final four match-up.

In the next day, the constant SKT went head-to-head with Team Misfits (MSF). SKT obviously won in this stage, but not after getting a headache from a gritty MSF team. The NA representative, MSF, commanded the series with a 2-1 lead. With a single match left to win, they could be on their way to becoming World champions and visibly upsetting the legendary SKT team. There’s also the possibility of putting their names into the history books if they defeat SKT. Of course, the Faker-led SKT team would crush that MSF dream. In what may look like an SKT collapse of losing two straight games after completely decimating MSF in the first match, the prolific carry gathered his teammates, with substitute jungler Blank, and avoided the collapse and upset of losing to an early round of the tournament. MSF fought their hearts out and they became the only non-LCK team that brought SKT to 5 matches in a best-of-five series.

After Fnatic’s incredible journey to the Worlds–where they barely made the quarterfinal stage–it has come to an end after RNG defeated NA’s Fnatic in 4 games, (3-1). Fnatic’s run to the Knockout Stages proved to be grueling. Having struggled at the Groups, they were tied with Immortals and GIGABYTE Marines (Marines) to qualify for the quarterfinals. Fnatic had the smallest chances to pull off this three-way tiebreaker, but with hard work and a miracle, the NA team defeated both teams and obviously, made it into the quarterfinals. But, RNG was just too much for Fnatic. RNG controlled the pace of the match and Fnatic couldn’t keep up, as their weaknesses showed further.

Finally, on the last day of the quarterfinals, NA’s last remaining team, Cloud9 failed, along with giving up a 2-1 lead and giving Team WE the last spot in the semifinals, (2-3). Similar to the match of SKT and MSF, this series went to the limits and the series became a very close one, indeed. At the end though, only one team walked away with that quarterfinal spot and it was WE. For WE, it took them 5 years to return to the largest international League stage. Their last Worlds appearance was back in 2012 and now, as fan favorites, they have a shot to redeem themselves and go home as League World Champions.

Inching closer to revealing the World Champion

Now, the semifinal match-ups are complete. The final Knockout Stage starts on October 28 with SKT fighting to retain the championship title against RNG and following the next day, October 29, it will be WE redeeming its team as a League contender against a gritty Samsung team. Who do you think will face in the Worlds finals?

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff