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New Players That May Dominate The LoL Worlds 2017

Posted 5th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    341 Views

New Players That May Dominate In The LoL Worlds 2017 - Tipify

There are many League of Legends players all over the world. Some of these players become esports professionals and reach the biggest esports stages–especially the LoL World Championship–while others can only dream of getting close. And lastly, among the many teams in League, only 20 of those teams will qualify for League’s most prestigious stage.

Among these professionals who get to take part in Worlds, a few of them are only rookies or first-time professionals. This may spark as a big deal because, these rookies will go on head-to-head with some of the prolific stars of the game and of course, these are gritty veterans that went through obstacles and struggles to become one of the illustrious players of League. I’m saying that these new players will face the strongest players and play on the biggest League of Legends stage.

Going back to the original topic, this list might help your betting research for the emerging season of LoL Worlds. Here are the rookies and their respective teams that you would want to watch out for.

Cody Sun

During the Spring Split tournament, Immortals replaced Sun for the AD carry WildTurtle. It was unfortunate that the team struggled at the beginning of the tournament with Sun, struggling to find playing harmony with his support, Olleh. At the end of the Spring Split season, Sun was included in the worst AD carries of the tournament.

Fortunately, both players of Immortals soon found their groove and dominated the bot late as the season finished. Sun had big moments during the Spring Split but there were times where his inexperience in playing professionally showed. But, Sun is still young and still has so much to learn. If he can redeem his perfect play similarly how his pro career started, he and Immortals will be one of the teams to dominate the Worlds.

Gwak ‘Bdd’ Bo-seong

Bdd showcased his spectacular use of roaming casting with champions like Taliyah, Galio, and Corki in Korean solo queue–where he also made his breakout and exposed himself as a reliable mid-laner for a team. Bdd will make his Worlds debut with heavily tournament-favorite Longzhu Gaming. LG is hoping to end the three-time Worlds champions, SKT with the rookie in the lineup.

Mads ‘Broxah’ Brock-Pedersen

Newly included in the used-to-be dominant team, Fnatic, Brock is part of the team’s rebuilding process. As he is the last inclusion after replacing last season’s roster and coaching staff except AD carry Rekkles. Even though Fnatic was in the middle of a team rebuild, they were still able to rise when they won third place in both splits and stepped over their competitors to win the European Regional Qualifiers. By the looks of it, this new Fnatic lineup gels together for as long as Brock can prove himself in fully controlling the jungle and in addition, he might want to be called as Europe’s Best Jungler.

Xianzhao “iBoy” Hu

With his performance during his games in solo-queues, he was regarded as an AD prodigy from the get-go. But he couldn’t get a headstart on his professional career because he was too young to play professionally. However, he was included in EDward Gaming’s (EDG) roster as a substitute player. iBoy officially debuted in LPL when he turned 17 and immediately started as the AD carry role for EDG. He is known for his aggressive playing style and  good game mechanics. He displays his best games when he uses champions that can kite. The young prodigy still needs to learn many things and being paired with LPL’s best support, Meiko can teach iBoy everything about the bottom lane to make him one of the rookies that other players may watch out for.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff