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There’s Still Time To Enjoy The Overwatch Halloween Event!

Posted 25th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    283 Views

There’s Still Time To Enjoy The Overwatch Halloween Event! - Tipify

Every year we celebrate a time of spookiness with serious or comedic costumes while giving away candies and sweets. This is known as Halloween. In context, Overwatch isn’t going to be left behind when it comes to celebrating the spooktacular yearly occasion. This 2017, we’ll find events filled with new Halloween-themed skins, maps, and also some of our favorite game modes will return as part of the Halloween event. Overwatch tags this year’s festivities as the “Terror Returns”.

New skins

While CS:GO free skins are all the rave now, you can unlock 50 new Overwatch skins–some are legendary themed costumes like Cultist, Dracula Reaper, and Van Helsing McCree, as these skins are not for the faint of the heart. You can even choose comedic skins which are creative and witty like Totally 80’s Zarya, Dragon Symmetra, Corsair Ana, and Viking Torbjorn. Along with the skins, you can collect new highlight intros, avatars, sprays, voice lines, and emotes that encourages the Halloween spirit. Luckily, if you missed out on purchasing anything from last year’s event, those items are back and can be bought with a price discount. Just purchase a loot box and choose on over 140 cosmetic item. Don’t procrastinate as these boxes will be gone before you know it.

Junkenstein’s Revenge returns

Additionally, for a limited time, you can enjoy playing two game modes. Firstly, Blizzard made Junkenstein’s Revenge an endless game mode. The new thing about this year’s event is that they’ve added leaderboards for those players who want to be highlighted for their achievement in keeping up with the evil doctor for the longest time. In this game mode, you’ll be teamed up with three players and fight Junkenstein with his monster of choice, Summoner, Reaper, and Witch of the Wilds. In an additional game mode of Junkenstein’s Revenge, you can play in Endless Night. Here, if you can survive the longest, you can earn your way to a spot on the leaderboards. But, be aware of the challenge, as the enemies and bosses increase as wave after wave on their way to attack your castle.

For the second and last game mode, you can enjoy the season with spooky maps. Explore the creepily haunted versions of Spooky Eichenwalde and Spooky Hollywood game maps. Add more thrill to your gaming experiences and feel the Halloween spirit while playing Overwatch.

There’s still time to indulge in the festivities and purchase items. Halloween Terror with its game modes and seasonal items will continue until November 1.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff