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Overwatch League Is Still Alive: To Debut In 2018

Posted 2nd October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    407 Views

Overwatch League Is Still Alive: To Debut In 2018 - Tipify

Much-anticipated after Blizzard announced its new esports league, Overwatch League will have its inaugural season on January 10, 2018. Additionally, as of this writing, the league has officially 12 teams that will compete against each other.

Blizzard announced the aspiring new esports tournament back in November 2016. With past reports that the new league had troubles in signing franchises, this may have been the cause of the delayed debut. According to the report, starting a franchise with Overwatch League requires a $20 million capital, excluding higher costs for urban market cities like New York or Los Angeles and buy-ins required. Lastly, another reason is the revenue sharing that only starts in 2021 which caused problems among aspiring franchisees because of difficulties in recovering franchise costs.

Following the path of sports leagues

Even though there are plenty of highly competitive and professional tournaments existing today, Blizzard differs the Overwatch League by following traditional professional sports leagues concept in featuring city-based teams, which they hope to earn the following of local fans. Also similar to the pro sports concept, esports players signed to a team will be offered contracts, including guaranteed salaries, health insurance, and retirement plans. In a direct quote from Blizzard, “Once these city-based teams have been admitted to the league, their spots will be secured giving them the best opportunity to grow and thrive for years to come.”

Many multi-national and Ivy League companies have already bought into Overwatch League. Entertainment company Comcast Spectacor has picked Philadelphia as the state to base their team on. Along with Comcast, NetEase and popular personalities like Jennifer Lopez, NFL star Marshawn Lynch and fellow athlete Alex Rodriguez are among others have also invested in esports teams that will participate in the first ever season of the tournament.

12 teams to participate

The 12 teams that will officially play in the first season are Boston, New York, London, two teams in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Shanghai Dragons in China, and South Korea.

Besides the new league, Blizzard has been busy with its own esports arena in Los Angeles called Blizzard Arena. In addition, this will be the home for the pre-season games of Overwatch League which will commence on December 6, more than a month before the official season will start.
Prepare for more action-packed betting and prizes to come your way with the upcoming Overwatch league next year.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

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