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Find Out This Year’s Overwatch World Champion At Blizzcon

Posted 27th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    270 Views

Find Out This Year’s Overwatch World Champion At Blizzcon - Tipify

As esports enthusiasts flock to the annual Blizzcon usually held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. Overwatch is ready for it’s Overwatch World Cup 2017 where only eight teams have qualified to compete against the world’s toughest Overwatch competitors. The final tournament will run during the Blizzcon convention on November 3 to 4.

Olympic-style format

As esports makes its push to become a medal event in the Olympics, Blizzard organizes the Overwatch World Cup annually and even followed the same format as the Olympics wherein countries go head-to-head against each other. But the catch here is that each country appoints their own Selection Committee to create their team. Team boundaries and rivalries between the esports world will have to be on hold as the players represent their countries in one of the biggest Overwatch stages.

The tournament started in March, after wrapping up the qualifying tournament that witnessed 32 countries who participated in the World Cup. These 32 national teams have to fight for the top spots in the group stages before moving up. The group stages were spread into four different regions, Shanghai, Sydney, Katowice, and Santa Monica, CA. Only the top two teams will be able to advance to the playoffs of each group stage, building a 16-team playoff matchup move on the quarterfinal stage. The qualified teams for the quarterfinals are, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Australia, China, France, South Korea, and the United States. The quarterfinal stage will kick-off the Overwatch World Cup during the Blizzard annual convention and will continue until two players remain, fighting to be crowned as the Overwatch world champion.

Who will go against who?

After the bracket draw occurred–which determined the teams facing each other in the quarterfinals–we are all set for an exciting knockout stage. In the same bracket, United Kingdom faces Sweden. On the other side, Canadians and Australians will fight for their spot. In a separate bracket once again, we are in for a treat with China competing against France for a semi-final spot. Also, heavy-favorites South Korea goes head-to-head versus the United States in the fourth matchup. The winners of the quarterfinals advances to the semifinals where only the final four countries gets a chance to be crowned the Overwatch World Champion.

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Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff