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A Sneak Peek At The Riga Gaming Congress 2017

Posted 4th October 2017 By: Noreen - Tipify Staff    288 Views

A Sneak Peek At The Riga Gaming Congress 2017 - Tipify

A significant international innovation event devoted to the development of offline and online casinos, esports, bookmaking, fantasy sports, the application of blockchain technologies, and augmented or virtual reality. It will take place on October 12th at Bellevue Park Hotel, Riga, Latvia. Notable gambling experts from all over the world will come together to discuss the aforementioned interests in the gambling industry.

The conference will also be the first iGaming conference in Latvia. That being said, most sessions are dedicated to discussing various parts of the Latvian iGaming market including the regulation of gambling and licensing procedures for gambling sites in the country. The current situation of the Latvian gambling market will also be assessed and compared to other markets in the world. The conference will be thematically divided into two sections: the business section and the Bitcoin section. The former will tackle issues concerning regulation, marketing and development trends while the latter will discuss the advantages of using Bitcoin and blockchain.

Event speakers

Prominent founders and leaders of huge gambling companies, as well as lawyers and consultants who are knowledgeable in the industry will be the speakers to present in Riga Gaming Congress sessions. The list of speakers include Maxim Krupyshev, Cubits chief operating officer; Eman Pulis, Maltese gambling event Summit of iGaming co-founder; Vladimirs Remi, Riga company Montazure co-founder; Steve Donoughue, London-based consultant; Ishay Tentser, Israeli software company IniTech CEO; Carlo Pagan, Casino Campione D’Italia CEO; Francisco Javier Caama, Sortis & Golden Lion Casinos COO; Benjamin Carlotti, and Oulala games founder and managing director.

In addition, the following personalities will also be present in the Gaming Congress: Francesco Baranka, Belgian organization Federbet general; Michael Boettcher, international gambling company Storm International president; Eric Benz, British cryptocurrency company Cryptopay managing director; Patrick O’Brien, international broker Exante Limited communications director; and Jakub Kolomicenko, Endorphina Ltd head of legal department.

Riga Gaming Congress Demo Zone

Companies of the gambling markets of the Baltic countries, Europe, the CIS, USA, and Canada are given a chance by the Demo zone of Riga Gaming Congress to display new products and most modern technologies in online gambling, social networks, and mobile gambling. Some software and hardware developers will also present new solutions. The demo zone will also be of help to all conference attendees in choosing the equipment or technology for them to bring out the most potential of their business.

Ultimately, the exhibition presents a good environment for everyone to learn more about the current trends in the gaming industry especially when it comes to esports betting. The conference serves as an avenue for the competitive gaming to open doors to the Latvian market. Now that more CS:GO teams are present in the community as well as Dota 2, LoL and Overwatch teams, there’s more for esports enthusiasts to look forward to. It’s also the perfect place to showcase the latest products and services. The best part of it is the attendees will get the chance to hear from the speakers and even ask questions.

Noreen - Tipify Staff

Written by Noreen - Tipify Staff