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The Safe And Most Efficient Heroes To Get Out Of Overwatch Purgatory

Posted 8th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    231 Views

The Safe And Most Efficient Heroes To Get Out Of Overwatch Purgatory - Tipify

Most players of Overwatch consider a pub game as a purgatory, wherein most players get their hard-earned ranks plummeting downward similar how a balloon with a hole slowly freefalls as the air inside smokes out. As their ranks get lower and lower, players get stuck into lower rank games because of the matchmaking system that was built. It’s a vicious cycle.

Usually, players that get stuck in games and wants the fastest way to get their ranks up and this needs them to win–if possible, every game they play. To do this (which in most OW games, meta and organization usually do not exist until the competitive and professional games) players need to use their mains or the heroes that they are accustomed to using in an attempt to carry their team to win the games. To finally leave the purgatory and end the cycle–really that’s all that they want.

The heroes listed here are based on opinion and as obvious as it may seem, about 100% of OW matches have at least one of the heroes that were listed here. Although they aren’t ranked in a specific order, instead I chose a hero from a class. Well, here you go, the most used Overwatch heroes:


Included in the top ranking offensive characters in the game has proven this hero to be a valuable offensive role to any team. Even though McCree lacks mobility, he makes up for with effectivity and precision. His skills are built to be an offensive asset and giving himself partial sustainabilities. Combat Roll gives him a possible escape and Flashbang gives him his own crowd control skill which goes perfectly with his ultimate skill, Deadeye, which in simple terms, a press of a button could damage enemies.


Many players choose Widowmaker as the sniper because of this hero’s complete package as well. Widowmaker’s complete package includes the ability to get kills with her Widow Sniper skill which can one-shot most characters, especially the squishy ones. Her Grappling Hook skill brings her an awesome mobility skill, allowing her to jump to high beams and building at ease. The Widow’s Kiss skill is machine gun-like enabling her to gun down targets with surprise. Widowmaker proves the cliche saying, “the best defense is the best offense” because while bringing defensive arsenals to a team, she is also an offensive gunner.


Contrary to having a role termed as the defense, the tank role is the foundation of a team’s defense. Which Reinhardt completely brings. Launching a massive Shield with frontal barriers that absorb damages and all that his teammates need to do is huddle behind so they will be protected. He offers his effectivity by being on the front lines while taking in all the damage. He is the perfect cover with his tanky skills especially in matches with securing objectives.


Lucio is the go-to support character in Overwatch because of his dynamic gameplay in providing support utility for his teammates. A support’s role may not be in getting kills, but his mobility is literally of the wall with Crossfade, this allows faster movement speeds or health regeneration. Lastly, his ability to bring sustainability to the team is off the charts. Lucio’s ultimate provides him and his allies personal shields that allow the team to absorb more damage to last during fights longer.

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Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff