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Has SKT Achieved Greatness In League?

Posted 13th October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    273 Views

Has SKT Achieved Greatness In League? - Tipify

SKT has completely dominated League of legends matches with over 3 championships–in that three, two League championships were won in two straight years–you can say that along with a few constants in life like death, taxes, change, that SKT winning the Worlds feels like they belong to this group of constants. So far, only SKT has ever won a back-to-back championship in the history of the LoL tournament since it started in 2011, in fact, they have won 3 out of 7 championships in Worlds. Or after the team change to SK Telecom 2 which featured a new lineup except carry Faker in 2013. With that new roster and team shift, they have won their first Worlds championship over Royal Club in a very deciding 3-0 win. Yes, no one has forgotten about 2014 where they failed to enter the Worlds even though they spearheaded the LoL Masters 2014 but stumbled at eventual Worlds champion, Samsung in the playoffs. After that, they won the fifth and sixth seasons of Worlds. But, some can’t help wonder how 2014 is a huge missed opportunity. Imagine. Had they won the 2014 season, they would have won 4 straight championships. Going back to my question. Has the South Korean team reached greatness? This domination seems like they have nothing else to prove. But, the players on the team might have.

Faker the GOAT?

Faker has been called the Michael Jordan of League by many fans. Some also compared SKT’s domination to the NBA’s Jordan Era. So, what else does he have to prove? For other analysts out there, he has nothing left to prove. He has conquered League of Legends. That’s how a big of an athlete he is. He’s a special and transcendent player. His perspective on the game feels like a special calling–that this is what he is supposed to be doing. Faker loves League and you can see his passion while he plays. It’s just not about winning Worlds. Not about chasing greatness. But his love for League of Legends. Go on Faker. Play for greatness.

Amp up the drive

Although there are new players in SKT, the recently added member, Peanut, who came from SKT’s rival team, ROX Tigers, definitely helped SKT bolster its lineup. Also, Blank, who was a bench player and protege of Bengi, in which he replaced his mentor in the starting lineup. These new teammates might push SKT for more title runs. Sometimes hunger and passion are what you need to bring back the drive.

SKT is still young of a team and maybe this is overthinking too much. But, imagine how a young team with young players reach this level of greatness. It’s too early to close out the doors for SKT. I think they will still go for more. Watch out League, SKT is coming.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff