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Tips On Improving Your Support Gameplay

Posted 31st October 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    223 Views

Tips On Improving Your Support Gameplay - Tipify

In a continuing series that helps promote the importance of role-defining in CS:GO games. Here’s to better games with the meta.

You’re here to learn how to be an effective support to avoid constant harassment by the community right? Well, this CS:GO guide goes over the duties of a support role and tips to improve your gameplay.

Duties and Responsibilities

Before you think that a game of CS:GO may require players multiple roles that depend on certain situations, today, we focus on situations that necessitate a support role. In situations where the entry fragger enters a bomb site to attempt an ambush, the support needs to provide cover, whether by means of gunfire or grenades. The support should try to sustain the life of entry fragger for as long as possible as this will be a perfect time to set-up a play for your other teammates. In situations that a team to push, the support needs to be aware of the map and not lose positioning, but also make sure they can continue to push for the ambush. There are much more situations that require a support. The bottom line is, the support provides cover, utility, and map knowledge to the team.


Be a good communicator: In CS:GO, communication is needed for all 5 players. The game is ever changing and coordination is important to win the match. But the support brings tactics, sharing his knowledge and strategy.

Be a good tactician: A good support is knowledgeable about the aspects of the CS:GO. Knowing where to throw grenades, especially in choke points will benefit the team greatly. Also, planning for the team is usually the gist of the role, along with the CS:GO team leader.

Practice: Everything. Perfect your grenade throws. Even though you may not always end up with a kill, perfect your aim because CS:GO is an FPS game where your aim is to eliminate your opponents. Lastly, practice with your team. You’re a unit and learning how everyone plays and moves will work toward improving your game styles.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff