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The 3 P’s of AWPers: Sniper Guide

Posted 2nd November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    419 Views

The 3 P’s of AWPers: Sniper Guide - Tipify

Snipers are the cornerstone of any CS:GO team. Having great power can control the turnout of a game. Are you the lucky player chosen to hold the mighty AWP? Well, lucky is a loose term for that. The AWPer isn’t an easy job. In fact, buying the weapon in-game for a hefty 4,750 payments is already pretty difficult to get around to. So, make sure you have the best aim and a knack for positioning. If you have both of these, then you’re on the way to becoming a beast AWP.

This guide mostly talks about the 3 P’s that makes an AWP an efficient sniper. But first, let’s go into the two styles and  AWPer can adapt. The first one is the ‘aggressive peak’ where you literally go in-your-face with enemies to get a kill. But, the last one is the opposite, where you’ll be more passive and be in a more defensive stature. Above all else, you need to choose a playing style that blends well with your team’s plans and yours.


Now, focus on the 3 P’s that if perfected, could make you a good AWPer. Peeking—an important quality of snipers—should not be slow especially on corners where enemies have an advantage overseeing your player model first before you can even aim. Instead, you can stand to peek and then perform a crouch-scope-flick motion. That is a reliable move when AWPing. Finding ways to bait a shot and then finish them off while they’re not paying attention can deliver a quick kill while peeking.


Obviously, a good position leads to a good AWPer. Remember, you need to be strategic about where you place yourself. Will this spot get you kills or will this spot get you killed is a good question to ask yourself when setting up a position? When choosing a position, you also need to think about the highest survival position. With this, you need to make sure in case you do die, your teammates can easily get to your spot and pick up your golden AWP. Remember not to lose the very expensive AWP. Once your enemies get their hands on those bad boys, you’re in trouble.

Practice to perfection

There are good maps that can be used for practicing AWP needed skills. Should you need to build your reflexes and instincts, community workshops, aim_botz, training_aim_csgo, and aimtraindriving are good for flick and counter-strafing practice. Lastly, practice because playing CS:GO is a skill. It’s not something anyone can learn to do overnight. We need our hand-eye coordination in tandem with good reflex and game instincts.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff