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A Checklist To Be A Better Lurker

Posted 1st November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    228 Views

A Checklist To Be A Better Lurker - Tipify

In a continuing series that helps promote the importance of role-defining in CS:GO games. Here’s to better games with the meta.

Lurkers are CS:GO ninjas. They sneak around the map looking for blind spots that they could take and finding easy ways to (1) kill an enemy player and (2) set-up a play in blind spots for an easy ambush. So, this opens up different options for the strat caller and playmaker to create plays on the fly. Make sure to tick all of the boxes in the checklist to be the best lurker out there.

Pre-game research

Before a game starts, a good lurker must finish his homework above all else. But, this clearly depends on the team game plan. If the team runs a 5-man ambush on a site, the lurker should research which grenades is better for the situation. On the other hand, if the team runs a free strategy, then research about the enemy team rotation on the map is necessary. If you learn which paths they usually take, then you can position yourself better and create plays or even get a frag.

Practicing as a lurker

The main thing you should build and learn is your game IQ. Learn about the plays, grenade throws, map knowledge, and more important keys. You can do this by watching current and past CS:GO matches. Find patterns that make players react to certain actions. After that, find out what triggered the reaction. Also, don’t forget to work on basic skills like aiming. It’s important for you while hiding in a spot, to get a surprise kill. Those crucial aim duels, if practiced, will be important. Practice these and you’ll have a greater chance to defeat your enemy.

Improvement as a lurker

As a lurker, you might struggle to find perfect spots and creating successful plans. But, that’s okay. Continue practicing and you can change your vantage spots that may cover a better range. Also, be open to criticism from your leader and teammates. They’ll be able to see your actual gameplay and your effectiveness mid game. With this, try to switch roles with another teammate, as you never know, they might just find better spots that you overlook. Everyone can teach each other right. Finally, the best advice is self-criticism. Don’t be afraid to point out your own weaknesses and flaws during the game. Make sure to take note the issues you have to address. Work on your flaws and communicate with your team. Before you know it, you’re a pro lurker.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff