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CS:GO Roles Series Round-Up: Roles Are Important In CS:GO Games

Posted 9th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    516 Views

CS:GO Roles Series Round-Up: Roles Are Important In CS:GO Games - Tipify

To end the continuing series that helps promote the importance of role-defining in CS:GO games. Here’s to better games with the meta.

Capping the CS:GO roles series by talking more about its relevance in playing CS:GO games and most importantly in competitive matches, this final article in the series summarizes the past role guides. But, going into roles and meta, you should remember that these roles may have different variations and terms. Learn each role to have a good understanding of how you can formulate better strategies and experiencing every role makes you a better teammate in the process as well. The good thing about CS:GO is that it isn’t too confined. Feel free to explore better ways to be successful.

Matchmaking queues are the perfect time to practice and develop your aiming and grenade throws, along with other skills to develop. During practices, don’t be too afraid to take risks and try everything. In the same context, in games like queuing, filling out these roles isn’t usually followed which is the usual case. But, knowing each role will be a good knowledge to have and you never know, you might even make your way to the higher level of CS:GO gaming.

So, in this series of believing in the meta, we have learned:

Entry fraggers need to be humble to be able to help the team efficiently

  • Get your teammates’ trust
  • Plan before attacking
  • Adapt and focus on getting kills
  • Practice alone
  • Practice with teammates

Avoid getting flamed by the community because of your bad support gameplay by:

  • Give cover and sustain your entry fragger and teammates’ lives as much as possible
  • Learn the many maps to have the advantage
  • Communicate!
  • Be a good tactician
  • Practice–especially grenade throws

Don’t think you’re a good lurker if you haven’t checked all these 5 qualities:

  • Research about the enemy team and create a play
  • Be a good grenade thrower with efficient aim
  • Be a good spot finder to get kills
  • Accept criticism and hone your weaknesses
  • Practice

Have this 3 P’s To Be The Best AWPer

  • Good peeking can get you a kill and save your life as well
  • A position will either save you or get you a frag
  • Practice for a flawless aim

Are you a leader? Bring your team to get the W with these:

  • Take charge of communication
  • Establish an understanding of your team
  • Find a leadership quality that fits your team
  • Be a good strategist
  • Practice with your team

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff