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The ESL Pro League 6 Finals Is All Set

Posted 19th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    250 Views

ESL Pro League 6 Finals Is All Set - Tipify

ESL’s Pro League Season 6 completed its qualifying rounds as the Finals round is set to begin. After 11 weeks, 28 teams from North America and Europe fought for a spot as only 12 teams advance to the finishing stage of the tournament. Now, all teams from two regions are completed and the Finals round of ESL Pro League 6 will emerge on December 5 to 10 in Odense, Denmark.

The Road to Odense

The 3 month-long offline tournament had been brutal for both regions. Heavily-favored teams like G2 and Cloud9 failed to advance to the Finals, which surprised many and sparked disappointment. But here’s how the final week went down and which team rose and shone the brightest among CS:GO’s toughest competitors.

The Europe qualifiers’ last week was a nail-biter as the last spot was fought by top-ranked teams, G2, LDLC, Hellraisers, and mouseesports. These four teams were in danger to clinch a spot and were gunning it out for the 6th spot in the European region. G2 secured the spot for the time being with Hellraisers, LDLC, and mousesports just behind G2, but the latter two teams dropped out of the race early on. It was just G2 and Hellraisers fighting for the final spot. But both teams fought different teams in Fnatic and GODSENT. Fnatic swept and eliminated G2. Hellraisers, on the other hand, looked to be hungrier team and won two games versus GODSENT to clinch the 6th qualifying spot. The six teams that will represent the Europe region are, Fnatic, North, FaZe, Astralis, NiP, and Hellraisers.

Switching to another region in North America, we saw much more dominating teams in OpTic and SK who led the region from the beginning to end. Although, Liquid is just at the 3rd spot who also shown flashes to compete among the very best. We’ll go through the final three spots as this is where the action stayed. Somehow, most NA teams succumbed to pressure in their final and most crucial games. CLG had the chance to get the spot but lost their remaining 4 games ending their run at the 7th spot. Also, Cloud9 who held the fifth spot but after losing all of their final 6 games, the team dropped to ninth place. However, NRG and Misfits capitalized this losing streaks from CLG and C9 as they sealed a spot in the playoffs. The final NA teams going to the Finals are OpTic, SK, Liquid, NRG, Misfits, and Luminosity.

In addition, favored-teams who failed to advance the next round are Cloud9, CLG, Renegades, Natus Vincere, EnVy, mouseesports, and G2. G2’s elimination is a huge upset because the French team was the Season 5 champion and collapsed in their last two games and failing to secure a spot.

These final 12 teams will fight through a grueling quarterfinal and up to the Final stage for a shot at a $750,000 prize pot.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff