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Esports Tournaments You Can Catch This Weekend

Posted 25th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    210 Views

Esports Tournaments You Can Catch This Weekend - Tipify

After a long week of rendering work overtimes or cramming history lessons to ace a final test, the weekend is now for the taking. It is a time to relax and enjoy, after the week you’ve been through. But of course, you’re here for esports. So, if you’re looking for the major tournaments going on about the realms of CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2 then here’s a compilation of competitive tournaments that you wouldn’t want to miss this weekend.

CS:GO tournaments this weekend

On the last weekend of November 2017, BLAST Pro Series is going to create havoc in Denmark. Starting on Saturday is the tournament’s offline group stages and the event will be capped off by the Grand Finals and BLAST Stand-off stages on Sunday. More details on BLAST Pro Series here.

World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) 2017 Europe Finals is in its playoffs stages with only the top CS:GO teams avoiding elimination. Now, the stakes are higher as the qualifying spots are left for only the best team. Watch on major live streaming sites until Sunday!

Dota 2 tournaments this weekend

Bored of the normal streams of Dota 2 games on Twitch? Well, if you’re up for a challenging tournament where spectating comes with interaction, check out the Moonduck-organized tournament, Midas Mode. Here, teams will spend Moonbucks–a currency used in the tournament that charges every action during the game–for drafting heroes, banning heroes, pausing the game, and getting the privilege to choose from the Radiant or Dire side. You can earn ‘Moonbucks’ too for certain sacrifices, like a random hero pick, passing on bans, and completing bounties suggested by viewers. Also, in Midas Mode, spectators will be involved during the matches. You can suggest bounties and you can earn Moonbucks just by watching and chatting in Midas Mode. Moonduck has made Dota 2 fun again. Watch King Midas completely command the tournament until November 28.

The 2017 Perfect World Masters is nearing its end when the tournament is already in its playoff stages. Tune in to catch the new Dota 2 champion on Sunday!

LoL tournament this weekend

The 2017 KeSPA Cup is holding its playoffs stages with strong top four teams from the LCK Summer dominating the tournament. New Worlds champion, SSG, KT, SKT, and LZ have already clinched quarterfinal spots. But who will they face to advance? Catch the nail-biting action until Sunday when the KeSPA Cup champion will be crowned.

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