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Immortals Releases All Players From Roster: Ending NA LCS Run

Posted 21st November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    395 Views

Immortals Releases All Players From Roster: Ending NA LCS Run - Tipify

The North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) hopes of Immortals comes to an end after the team was reportedly denied an application to participate in the tournament. This caused the Titan esports franchise to drop its rosters after purchasing a slot in LCS back in 2015.

Immortals roster splits

As Immortals announced the release of its roster, Team Liquid was quick to pick-up the broken down roster as it signed four of Immortals’ players in Jake Puchero/Xmithie, Eugene Park/Pobelter, Cody Sun, and Andy Hoang/AnDa. Team Liquid signed a total of 14 players in contracts, according to ESPN reports. With this, Xmithie has an assurance of a starter position in Liquid. But, the mid lane starter position is up for grabs with both Pobelter and Mickey having the same playing position. Also, as Piglet–the current AD carry for Liquid–might leave the team, the player taking his spot is still undecided. Young and prolific AD carry, Cody Sun’s role in Liquid has not been cleared yet. Finally, Xmithie and AnDa, both junglers, and with Team Liquid already sporting 2 junglers in the roster created confusion if the organization will release more from its roster and who takes on the starter role.

It is unfortunate for the two past members of Immortals, Flame and Olleh, who became free agents and remain unsigned.

Immortals having financial troubles?

In a report by ESPN esports, Riot confirmed that the League developer declined Immortal’s application because of the “organization’s significant financial commitment to create a live viewing experience.” This is because Immortals has joined the Overwatch League and have invested financially in the newly aspiring league, which brought concerns to Riot. Although, Immortals’ CEO Noah Whinston defended the organization by stating that “Immortals has significant financial resources from our investors.”

Team Liquid’s Bad Run

The League of Legends team went through numerous roster changes this season but still have not found the perfect lineup to compete with. This new roster change was done after Team Liquid’s unfavorable run in the NA LCS tournament.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

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