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Intel Extreme Masters XII Team Preview: FaZe Clan And G2 Esports

Posted 11th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    333 Views

Intel Extreme Masters XII Team Preview: FaZe Clan & G2 Esports -Tipify

As the next CS:GO Premier Tournament, the Intel Extreme Masters XII Oakland is nearing its opening week, all of the teams have been finalized. All 12 teams are locked into their groups as well. In the next 5 days, we will be going over a bit of each team’s’ history and their current players. 2 teams will be broken down a day until the tournament opens on November 16. IEM will be a two-esports contest as PUBG joins forces with CS:GO to turn the tournament into an action-packed event.

FaZe and G2 are two longtime competitors in IEM tournaments. FaZe is a proven powerhouse as they are back-to-back champions in Intel Extreme held competitions. But, both FaZe and G2 have new members in their lineup and they even though we’ve seen both teams struggling, they are still a force to reckon with. Watch out for FaZe and G2.

FaZe Clan

FaZe’s first venture in CS:GO happened after buying out the whole roster and team of G2 Esports. After the buyout, they brought the European team to its first competitive tournament at DreamHack Leipzig 2016. But as they were placed in a heavy group A, FaZe finished the tournament with 5-6 and earned $3,000 to end their debut run. Things turned up for the team when they added a professional player, RobbaN as their head coach. RobbaN was known for his playing days in NiP and SK Gaming. The veteran CS:GO player, now coach, brought FaZe into its first championship win at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3. After that, the European team continued its streak and ranked high in different tournaments.

The FaZe Clan roster competing in the Intel Extreme Masters Season 12 features the following players:

  • Havard Nygaard/rain
  • Finn Andersen/karrigan
  • Nikola Kovac/NiKo
  • Ladislav Kovacs/GuardiaN
  • Olof Kajbjer/olofmeister

G2 Esports

The founding team of G2 was predominantly Spanish–as G2 had 3 different buyouts. The first was its own start from the ground up, but this team failed after poor performance. The second team was the buyout of Team Kinguin. Then, this roster was sold to FaZe Clan for $700,000. Their third team was from the acquisition of French Titan team. So far, this is their present roster after receiving member changes:

The G2 Esports roster competing in the Intel Extreme Masters Season 12 features the following players:

  • Richard Papillon/shox
  • Akexandre Pianaro/bodyy
  • Nathan Schmitt/NBK-
  • Kenny Schrub/kennyS
  • Dan Madesclaire/apEX

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff