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Intel Extreme Masters XII Team Preview: OpTic Gaming And The MongolZ

Posted 15th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    328 Views


As the next CS:GO Premier Tournament, the Intel Extreme Masters XII Oakland is nearing its opening week, all of the teams have been finalized. All 12 teams are locked into their groups as well. In the next 5 days, we will be going over a bit of each team’s’ history and their current players. 2 teams will be broken down a day until the tournament opens on November 16. IEM will be a two-esports contest as PUBG joins forces with CS:GO to turn the tournament into an action-packed event.

OpTic and The MongolZ are surely hungry to prove themselves. OpTic is retooled with new players while the Mongolians brought their usual rosters back. What can we expect from the qualifying teams?

OpTic Gaming

OpTic just recently bought out a team in Germany, completely moving to another region. But they kept one player in–mixwell. During this time they signed former FaZe players, allu and magisk as they were benched by the team. Also, Friberg who left NiP as a free agent and HS from PENTA Sports, is now part of the lineup. OpTic went through this roster change after losing star players in tarik and RUSH to their competitor, Cloud9. This is the first time we will see this modified version of OpTic as they qualify for IEM by winning the North America Qualifier.

The OpTic Gaming roster competing in the Intel Extreme Masters Season 12 features the following players:

  • Óscar Cañellas/mixwell
  • Adam Friberg/friberg
  • Aleksi Jalli/allu
  • Emil Reif/Magisk
  • Kevin Tarn/HS

The MongolZ

The Mongolian squad qualified for IEM Oakland by winning the EAST and SEA Qualifier. But the lone Asian team is not to be messed around with. Mongolz boasts many championships in both major and minor tournaments. Highlighting a couple of events, they won the IEM X Taipei after sweeping The Renegades and their recent Major championship was ASUS ROG Masters 2016 again after sweeping DreamScape. As The Mongolz flock to the Bay Area, can they take home this championship too?

The MongolZ roster competing in the Intel Extreme Masters Season 12 features the following players:

  • Tsog Mashbat/Tsogoo
  • Bold Batsuh/ncl
  • Enkhtaivan Lkhagv/Machinegun
  • Temuulen Battulga/Zilkenburg
  • Erdenedalai Bayanbat/maaRaa

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff