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League Of Legends Patch 7.23: Introducing Zoe, A New Mid-lane Champion

Posted 22nd November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    322 Views

League Of Legends Patch 7.23: Introducing Zoe, A New Mid-lane Champion - Tipify

Riot released new fixes in one of 2017’s biggest patch updates–the Runes Reforged or Patch 7.22–to fix all imbalances or broken things from the recent patch. The patch 7.23 should correct those changes, and League of Legends developer emphasized that the patch updates from now on should be back to focusing on balance work again. That’s why there isn’t much balancing seen in 7.23 as the patch highlights Zoe–the newest League champion–and a new game mode. Patch 7.23 is definitely something LoL players can be excited about.

Champion Changes

Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, is now playable. The brand new mid-lane trickster gives a new fresh feel to the game. Zoe has abilities that you can ask for in a carry role. She has her own crowd control ability that can cast drowsy effect on enemies. If the E ability somehow misses the target, it becomes a trap on the ground for the next enemy champion who passes by and gets affected by the drowsy effect. Zoe has the ability to copy an enemy champion spell and active item while giving her bonus movement speed and an auto-attack missile.Furthermore, Zoe’s ultimate gives her the ability to teleport to a target area and then return to the initial position. This ultimate is perfect for tower jumps and combos. Along with the champion changes, we’ll see some buffs and nerfs for Gragas, Illaoi, Jinx, Rammus, Shyvana, and Taliyah.

More Buffs and Nerfs

Our love-hate relationship with turrets may end in 7.23, or it depends on how you play League. If you haven’t noticed, the structures have gotten easier to take down lately. Now, each turret gets an additional 300 health. But for split-push strategy users, the minions receive more base damage and late game bonus movement speed, which can help when pushing.

Apparently, the Blue Essence makes leveling up easier than before. After tons of complaints from our co-League players, our beloved Riot changes the first win of the day rewards with lesser XP to a 50 Blue Essence giveaway instead.

Project Skins is not done just yet. It’s as if Halloween isn’t either. There will be more frightening and cold-inducing skins for champions like Vayne and Jhin. This is called PROJECT: Vi and the skins can be purchased for 1350 RP.

Patch 7.23 has been huge so far especially since it opened a new way to watch League. Now, we can spectate challenger games and learn how to play competitively. Lastly, apart from the anticipated Riot games, the developers introduced a new game mode, Overcharge, which follows a three versus three format for the PROJECT: Hunters event and it will be filled with charge bots that need destroying and gaining the highest points gives the win.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff