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League Of Legends NA LCS Follow Suit Of NBA’s Operations

Posted 24th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    248 Views

League Of Legends NA LCS Follow Suit Of NBA’s Operations - Tipify

Yes, Riot partnered with six affiliated NBA teams out of the 10 teams included in the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS). But, the League developer is looking for better ways to strong-arm the long-lived tournament. One of the key points is that NA LCS is now a franchised league. Now, teams have permanent slots, which promotes longevity and investment for franchise owners. With this new format, teams won’t need to undergo qualifying tournaments nor face insecurities about their tenure. Teams can now plan for the future and invest completely in the league. Last but not least, teams are now constant partners with the NA LCS.

Shifting to a new structure

After an application process, where Riot investigated and checked each applicant, of whom are chosen based on how they support their players, training, and making sure that after retirement, their players have a way to sustain themselves. Of course, also included are financial capabilities. Although, long time NA LCS competitor, Immortals have been denied to join the league. This caused a little clamor among the community because Immortals is a well-backed and known esports organization. Apparently, their investment in the Overwatch League is an issue for Riot. Other notable teams that didn’t make it into the NA LCS are, Team Dignitas, Team EnVy, and Phoenix1. Nonetheless, we might see their players join the league if they joined other teams.

The NBA seemed to inspire Riot with its operations and team handling. The sports league’s concept of having their own training facilities, investing in coaching, scouting, and player wellness gave Riot an idea. This also includes guaranteed salaries and contracts for the players but they will also be given an opportunity to structure their own players’ association–much like the NBA. But the thing that Riot didn’t want to instill in their league is basing a league of creating a city-based team–similar to the ambitious Overwatch League–and the NA LCS took different concepts from other sports leagues that may fit the esports’ needs.

Official 10 franchises and partners of the NA LCS

  • 100 thieves, will debut their team in the league. The franchise is backed by the Cleveland Cavaliers and they will make sure to bring that sports expertise into the esports scene.
  • Cloud9, a returning franchise since 2013 will continue and bring their team back to its glorious form.
  • Clutch Gaming and the Houston Rockets are bringing its clutch form into the League of Legends competitive scene.
  • Counter Logic Gaming, an up-and-down team that goes from the start of the NA LCS wants to continue its veteran experience to the league.
  • Echo Fox, a Rick Fox, a former NBA player venture, is bringing its massive fan-base into the revamped league.
  • Flyquest, a new team this 2017 but have already made a name for itself as a competitor is bringing back its success.
  • Golden Guardians, from its logo and color palettes, you’d already know it’s partnered with the NBA champion, Golden State Warriors.
  • Optic Gaming, a veteran esports organization is joining the League of Legends as a serious competitor.
  • Team Liquid is back on the NA LCS as a partner. How will they compete this time around?
  • Team Solomid, the only League team to attend every NA LCS final and World Championship is a veteran League of Legends team with a massive following.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff