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LoL 2017 KeSPA Cup Enters Playoffs Round

Posted 29th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    156 Views

LoL 2017 KeSPA Cup Enters Playoffs Round - Tipify

The Korean Esports Association (KeSPA) Cup kicked off its quarterfinal stages yesterday after SSG and KT dismantled MVP and E8W, respectively, after sweeping both of their series 2-0, on the annual tournament’s first day of the playoff stages.

Samsung is hot after winning the League of Legends World Championship and ending the reign of SKT. Will the newest League champs continue their streak and win as Korea’s champs too?

Day 2 Quarterfinals Game 1

Today, we will see 2017 Worlds runner-up, SK Telecom1 go against Griffin and after, Longzhu Gaming battling Jin Air on the second day of the KeSPA Cup playoffs. SKT is looking to avenge their loss to Samsung as SSG broke a supposed three consecutive Worlds Championship and would become SKT’s 4th Worlds title. But the team standing in their way is Griffin. Griffin is not a team to be messed with. Ranked at 159, the team swept both of their matches in the elimination round to set up the date against SKT. Griffin is the obvious underdog with 5.25 odds and SKT–with returning players, except jungler Peanut–is logged with 1.2 odds in most sportsbooks.

Day 2 Quarterfinals Game 2

In Game 2, Longzhu revives its glory as the team failed to qualify for last year’s KeSPA Cup after getting eliminated early in the group stages. Now, LZ is a strong team proves it can compete in the Worlds, which features the top and toughest League teams. Fortunately, Longzhu will enter the tournament better than ever. After being waived by SKT, Peanut has been recruited–along with his former teammates from ROX Tigers–into the Longzhu lineup as the starting jungler. These three players, PraY, GorillA, and Peanut, all spearheaded ROX to several playoff wins during seasons five and six. Will this be the newest League super team? But also competing is Jin Air, a tough team ranking 63rd in LoL, will surely not go home without a fight. As underdogs, expect the team to give their all to advance to the semifinals of the KeSPA Cup. Jin Air will have their work cut out though, as they have 5.3 odds to win against LZ the favorite, with 1.13 odds.

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