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Newbee Becomes First Chinese Team To Win Perfect World Masters 2017

Posted 28th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    236 Views

Newbee Becomes First Chinese Team To Win Perfect World Masters 2017 - Tipify

The first Pro Circuit tournament in China went very well for the locals as the Dota 2 tournament had two Chinese teams meeting at the grand finals of the event. At the end of it all, Newbee emerged victorious after sweeping tournament leader, Vici Gaming during the grand finals series of the Perfect World Masters 2017.

The Perfect World Masters Champions

Newbee proved their dominance in the competitive scene once again after outshining Vici Gaming. VG won their last premier tournament in 2015. Newbee however, finally went back to the winning side this time. After struggling in the past months, Newbee won a large portion of the pot with $150,000 and 150 Pro Circuit Points for The International 2018. Meanwhile, Vici as the runner-up took home $60,000 and 90 Pro Circuit Points. Even if the Chinese team failed to close out the championship win, their lineup cannot be doubted. VG’s team captain, LaNm, has strong teammates behind him that can definitely keep the competitive levels high.

Best Midlaner In China

Song Chun or Sccc carried Newbee to win the Perfect World Masters championship. He finished the grand finals with 48 kills, 7 deaths, and 33 assists record for the 3-game series. His 48 kills contributed to almost half of the whole team’s kills and dealt 43,500 damage points throughout the duration of the game. Having this kill/death ratio proves that Sccc is the best carry in China.

Rough Road

Newbee’s road to redemption did not come easy. The Chinese were 3rd in Group B and faced LGD in the quarterfinal stage. It took 3 games for Newbee to advance to the next stage and eliminated LGD from the tournament. The semi-finals came in quick as both VG and Newbee swept both their opponents, Team Secret and Team Kinguin, respectively, to enter the grand finals. VG came to the finals having almost swept every team they were against. VG’s only loss during the elimination stages was only to LGD and had no losses throughout the playoff stages, until Newbee ended that streak to win the Perfect World Masters 2017 Champions.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff