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Operation Hydra Officially Ends Its Long Streak: Popular Game Modes Now Regular

Posted 17th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    413 Views

Operation Hydra Officially Ends Its Long Streak: Popular Game Modes Now Regular - Tipify

The longest running CS:GO event, Operation Hydra has officially ended a few days ago after running for 7 months. After releasing a game update similar to the past events, the biggest and most popular game modes of the Operation will be included in the CS:GO game as a standard.

These game modes from Operation Hydra will remain in the game:

Valve has logged the Wingman game mode as the most popular from the Operation. The 2v2 mode will be available to play along with new changes. Maps can now be selected by players unlike the old Operation Hydra where the maps were randomly chosen. Matchmaking is now easier for this event with the addition of a Wingman Skill Group for the Wingman players matchmaking criteria. Along with this, War Games is playable with a different format. Additionally, players can select other game modes like Arms Race, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman into the format.

Flying Scoutsman became a popular game mode for the players as it included two of the best things that they can do in a first-person shooter game: anti-gravity and sniping. Imagine flying and being able to roam down the clouds and aiming your snipers to get a frag.

Competitive and Casual Maps

Agency, from Operation Hydra, is added to the competitive map choices. With this, Valve updated the map pool by removing the lesser played maps. The CS:GO developer noticed that competitive matchmaking faced issues because of the map choices. Valve assured to add newer maps and further update the competitive scene with ‘promising maps’ later on.

Casual maps received an update that gives players a higher chance to pick their favorite map. Meanwhile, new maps from Operation Hydra such as Austria, Shipped, Agency, and Insertion are all playable through casual matchmaking queuing. Although the newly added maps urged Valve to remove the lesser played maps from this specific game mode.

Also included in the game update are the in-game user navigation receiving adjustments for the new maps from the event that were added for easier access. Along with this user interface update, the matchmaking icons were also recreated with a newer look.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff