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Spectating In Overwatch Finally Gets The Update It Needs

Posted 5th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    396 Views

Spectating In Overwatch Finally Gets The Update It Needs - Tipify

Overwatch has troubles with its spectating feature. But finally, Blizzard appeared to have solved this issue. The new spectating changes will debut during the Overwatch World Cup and one of the key new spectating tools is the “Team Uniform System.”

Red and blue no more

The new system will implement specifically designed ‘skins’ for each of the Overwatch heroes. These skins will be based on a team’s color palette. Think of it like a jersey for a sports team. With these new uniforms, we can differentiate each player on a team from one another. The uniforms will have their own design with both home and away uniforms.

Easier Spectating

Luckily, the uniforms aren’t the only change we will see to make viewing Overwatch matches more laid-back. Also, the user interface received changes that let you distinguish players and teams easily. But another change we expect to see is the heroes’ abilities will also be changed aesthetically. This avoids confusion and allows viewers to identify which team or player casts an ability. This redesigning is one that most Overwatch fans wanted for a while. Now, you can cheer for your favorite team in the tournaments with a much more comfortable viewing experience.

Tools for spectators

Included in the Developer Update, is a tool to help casters and in-game viewers follow and know every detail of a match. For the production team, they will be provided with a map that shows the specific player location and more user interface tools that gives more information about the game at any time. This includes a new replay function that enables spectators to skip a full replay along with a dynamic camera that allows easier functions for the production team. Finally, Blizzard had done something about the honesty of the competitive game. They added a system that automatically pauses the game when a player disconnects during a match and a feature that a game can be rolled back should it encounter glitches.

Blizzard was in time for these updates for the World Cup Finals and the Overwatch League coming in hot soon. So, most of the updates were focused on making spectating a better experience for the fans and of course, the players.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff