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It’s Samsung Versus SKT Again: Worlds Finals Rematch

Posted 4th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    286 Views

It’s Samsung Versus SKT Again: Worlds Finals Rematch - Tipify

WE Versus Samsung

Samsung finished the LoL semis with a gentleman sweep. Team WE won the first match but couldn’t hold off Samsung and lost 3 straight games and was eliminated in the semifinals round of LoL World Championship.

RNG Versus SKT

If Samsung swept through WE, it was the opposite for SKT. The semi-final match-up went to the full 5 games after their gritty fight with RNG. Faker played Galio in all 5 matches and after SKT’s problems during the early game, Faker led his team with his unwillingness to lose.

We’re Going To The Finals

Worlds have been exciting and we’re back to last year when we wanted a rematch between both finalists, SKT and Samsung. And we’re getting that rematch now. But don’t forget that the history the two teams have against each other. Both LoL teams didn’t take the easy way to get where they are now, and they both showed that they deserve to be called one of esports’ greatest. We’re getting one more series of throwdowns and clutch plays. Who do you think will take home the win? This year’s Worlds will be held at the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, China on November 4.

What Are Both Teams Fighting For?

Let’s go through a storyline to end this recap as we head into the Final showdown. Well, SKT is gunning for the 3 straight World Championship, which hasn’t been done before. Not only in League but in the whole esports. Will SKT be the first to set this record?

On the other hand, Samsung has another shot at winning the title. Last year’s series went to 5 games with Faker having better composure and closed out the win. So, the pressure is on Crown, Samsung’s carry. While everyone mostly relies on the best players to carry teams to win, can Crown finally keep Faker down and win Worlds?

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff