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SK Extends Championship Run On Debut BLAST Pro Series Tournament

Posted 27th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    256 Views


SK Extends Championship Run In Debut BLAST Pro Series Tournament - Tipify

SK Gaming was crowned as the first-ever BLAST Pro Series champion after defeating Danish team, Astralis in their homeland in Denmark, Copenhagen. SK Gaming continued its streak as reigning champions after finishing the two-day CS:GO tournament.

SK as champs again

The tournament introduced a different format, and SK Gaming held the spot number 2 after losing only games against Astralis and FaZe. But it was a different story for Astralis however, as they won every game except the match against North where the result was a draw. It was an easy group stage for the Danes, having won most of their matches with blowout scores allowed the team to reach the number 1 spot, which arranged the Finals matchup against SK. Although, the Grand Finals was stretched with all three games played. Even the third game consumed the additional time. At the end of it all, SK came out on top of Astralis.

Astralis vs SK Gaming game results table

Astralis missed the services of dev1ce

The Danish team failed to win against the Brazilians, SK Gaming, in their home country. It might be because their ace player, Nicolai Reedtz or “dev1ce” could not join the tournament due to an illness he suffered during the IEM Oakland, in which Reedtz was forced to exit the major tournament. The Astralis superstar plays a huge part in the team’s success. He mostly played the AWPer role and rifler and the Danish team surely needed his help during the Grand Finals against SK. Instead, dennis from GODSENT pinched-hit for dev1ce on BLAST Pro Series.

BLAST Pro Stand-offs

The bonus prize of $20,000 was taken by recent IEM Oakland runner-up, FaZe. The 1v1 duel was won by 3rd placer, FaZe after taking rounds 2 to 4 consecutively against 4th spot team, North. The duel showdown was started with rain of FaZe against valde, but it was North who took home the first win with 7-10. While rifler, NiKo took matters into his own hand after a close fight against aizy. Lastly, FaZe team leader, karrigan had the opportunity to close out the win after taking down MSL with a massive win of 9-4 together with the bonus cash price.

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