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A Recap Of The SL i-League Invitational Tournament Playoff Round

Posted 7th November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    186 Views

A Recap Of The SL i-League Invitational Tournament Playoff Round - Tipify

StarLadder i-League Invitational was completed after the Australian-based team, Renegades took the trophy home along with a $75,000 cash prize. The CS:GO Major tournament took place in Shanghai, China where every match is offline.

The 2017 SL i-League tournament had 5 teams directly invited and 3 more will be decided by online qualifiers in CIS, Europe, and China. 16 teams will go head-to-head in each qualifier but are separated by two brackets to create an Olympic playoff format. Then, all finalists will advance to the major playoff to complete the 8 teams fighting to win the number one spot. The 8 teams who competed are HellRaisers, Heroic, Renegades, TyLoo,, Flash Gaming, and HAVU Gaming, and Team Spirit.

So, what happened in the Major tournament? As the final four CS:GO teams, Renegades, Heroic,, and HellRaisers, fought to get to the Finals rounds, only Renegades and stayed alive to have a shot at the title. But, Heroic and HellRaisers aren’t done yet. Both teams still have a shot at the third place of the tournament and a $15,000 cash prize.

Third Place Match

HellRaisers did not waste any time and went on a 6-0 lead. But, Danes of Heroic finally broke the drought, got to the winning board, and found his groove to catch up at the half with a 7:8 score. The second half of the game was jab after jab with both teams not letting one another get away. But, the match ended on Train map with a win from HellRaisers with a 16:14 score.

Game 2 was similar to game 1 having many lead changes and even going into overtime with the score 15:15. But HellRaiser managed to complete the sweep with a 19:17 score victory and going home as the third placer in SI i-League Shanghai.

Finals Round

In the final match of the tournament, the first game was set on the Mirage map. VP went on a 3-0 run but the eventual winner, Renegades, immediately tied the match with 3-3 and proceeding to a streak to end the half with the lead with 9:6 score. As the match went on, VP won the pistol round but gave up control of the game and the Australians taking advantage, winning 7 straight to win game 1 with 16:8 score. Game 2 was under Renegades’ control. Not slowing down and wanting to finish up the series, they ended the half with a 10:5 score. The champions continued to dominate the game and VP could not keep up. Renegades won 16:10 in two games.

That’s a wrap for the SI i-League Major Tournament. But competitive CS:GO won’t end here. The upcoming CS:GO major tournament is the iESF World Championship happening on November 8 to 12 in Busan, South Korea.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff