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Strategy Callers: Be A Better Leader And Drive Your Team To Victory

Posted 3rd November 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    279 Views

Strategy Callers: Be A Better Leader & Drive Your Team To Victory - Tipify

In a continuing series that helps promote the importance of role-defining in CS:GO games. Here’s to better games with the meta.

In  CS:GO matches, some players won’t get their glory and praise by getting an awesome frag or a clutch play. These players get known by showcasing their ability to call strategic plays. These players are known as Strategy Caller or In-game Leaders. Leaders are greatly needed to complete a lineup that would have a stand-in competitive matches. Leaders are similar to the little coach in a team. They lead the team by setting up plays and this serves as the biggest factor for a team to make a difference in a match.

In this part of the CS:GO series, we go over the importance of roles in matches. This will be dedicated to helping the aspiring strategy callers to be the best one. We will go over its responsibilities and how you’ll make an impact as the leader. Although, this role may not be for everyone as it needs certain traits that only a few people have. Of course, you need your team’s respect and earn their trust for you to be able to set up plays. Lastly, practicing mutual respect on your team is an important element here.

With this simple advice, you can be an effective leader in no time:

Take charge of communicating

In groups—even for the ones that are close—sometimes there seems to be awkward tension in between players, which creates a gap. As a leader, you need to step up and set the tone for the communication. Be friendly and get your team to talk to one another. A silent team is not a good team. Whether telling each team member their responsibilities or talking about what’s on their minds shows an effective team because communication is very important to succeed in CS:GO. In all, communication is key.

Establish an understanding of your team

After you create your plays, you’d want your team to follow suit and believe in your strategies, right? You can only do this when you have their trust. Like many leaders, there are different ways and styles of leadership. Are you the terror-leader type that screams commands or are you a more friendly and laidback type that sends your commands in a passive way? There is no right answer. Leadership is tricky and getting your team members to follow your lead needs a separate lesson on leadership. But the bottom line is, get comfortable with your role and earn your team member’s trust with proper encouragement.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff