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100 Thieves Launches LoL and CS:GO Team After Disbanding CoD Roster

Posted 16th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    319 Views


Former Call of Duty player turned Esports team owner, Matthew Haag, or commonly known under his in-game name, Nadeshot, owns the 100 Thieves team. Haag is an owner-player in his first ever team fielded in CoD, but after failing to compete in the tournaments, the entire team was disbanded. Now, Haag is looking to shake things up a bit and will field a League of Legends and CS:GO team for the first time in franchise history.

Immortals’ disband; Thieves sign ex-Immortals players

The former Brazilian team, Immortals, after a controversy during the DreamHack in Montreal involving three of its players—HEN1, LUCAS1, and kNgV—were late to the Grand Finals of the event, which led to a forfeited first map match against North, and followed by a loss in the second map. Overall, they were unable to win the championship and were slapped with fines and suspension imposed by the Immortal’s management. Due to these internal issues, the three players decided to walk away from the team. However, the players still have their guaranteed slot at the ELEAGUE Major in Boston next year with a ‘Legend’ spot.

The Immortals’ management could not create a team that can compete in the rest of their scheduled tournaments, and eventually ended up with no players left. This led to the franchise to pull out of Esports Championship Series (ECS) and ESL Pro League 6.

Now, 100 Thieves bought out the Team Immortals’ player contracts, including kNgV, HEN1, LUCAS1, and fnx and will field a new CS:GO team to be seen in next year’s ELEAGUE Major. The former Immortals players will be teamed up with BIT, a former benched player from TeamOne.

100 Thieves League of Legends Team

It looks like 100 Thieves is closing the year with a ban after receiving support from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team will also launch a LoL team in the NA LCS, which fields a roster of veterans and sought-after free agents in the League community. Ssumday or Kim Chan-ho will be the top-laner for the team, Meteos or William Hartman will play Jungler, Aphromoo or Zaqueri Black is the designated support, and Ryu or Yoo Sang-wook will be the mid-laner for 100 Thieves. Although, the new team still lacks an ADC player to complete their lineup for the NA LCS Spring Split.

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