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Female CS:GO Players: A Look At The Top 5 Copenhagen Games 2017 Teams

Posted 3rd December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    541 Views

Female CS:GO Players: A Look At The Top 5 Copenhagen Games 2017 Teams - Tipify

Esports has witnessed massive growth lately and continues to draw tremendous following each day. From sports betting enthusiasts to die-hard game fanatics, esports is out there to deliver non-stop action. With that being said, players and teams have become diverse and more people gravitate towards esports thanks to its innovative nature. Before esports, where online RPG’s and LAN based games ruled the gaming community, the majority of players were males. Of course, there were a few females who have taken an interest in playing games, but it was predominantly comprised of males. But now, it has taken a turn wherein almost half are female players. Although, game preferences have a drastic difference between male and female gamers. According to a study done by a video game analytics company, it was found out that 90% of MOBA, RPG, FPS, and sports video game genre players were male. Meanwhile, family simulator and tile-matching games were dominantly preferred by female gamers. The bottom line is that esports is still far from being balanced between the sexes. Esports have separated tournaments for the genders, as there is still no organized mixed-tournament where male teams go against female teams or an active co-ed team.

Female CS:GO Teams

Female teams who have competed have proved that they are not just pretty faces but can actually play games. We’ll focus on CS:GO teams that have veteran female players who are not ordinary players and will definitely not hold back in competing. Behold the top five all-female teams in CS:GO tournaments who joined in the most recent all-female Copenhagen Games.

Team Secret

Unfortunately, Secret dropped all players from the roster even though the team was competitive and won the titles in various turnaments, Secret’s management still decided to waive all female players. But, you can still catch the female gunners in their new team in Dynasty Gaming. The players are, Julia Kiran/juliano, Ksenia Kluenkova/vilga, Michaela Lintrup/mimimicheater, Zainab Turkie/zAAz, and Anna Ananikova/Ant1ka.

London Conspiracy Female

The Russian all-female team, after competing in their first CS:GO Majors and reached the Finals round of the tournament–but lost to Secret in a 0-2 series–disbanded as well. However, before dropping the franchise’s female team, they tried other qualifying and minor tournaments. Although they failed to advance further, you can expect these ladies to take the world of esports by storm in no time. Former members of the London Conspiracy Female team were Strawberry, PILAR, She, Lena, and Reina.

Red Reserve Female

The Swedes reached its peak after placing third in the Copenhagen Games. But after the tournament, they have been picked up by new team, Team Orbit. You can still follow the players in their new team. Former members were, Jenny Berg/iNo, Katja Kontio/Hellrosa, Katarina Holmstrom/Kippi, Katharina Karlsson/qkxo, and Anastasia Evdokina/Nas1a.

Team Dignitas

Female team of Dignitas is home to veteran CS:GO player, streamers, and even Counter-Strike 1.6 players. You can see familiar faces on this team who competed in the ITM Katowice as Team Karma. But for the Copenhagen Game, they’ve switched their name to Team Dignitas and they were able to place fourth in the tournament. Dignitas female team is still active with the same members, EMUHLEET/Emmalee Garrido, Lynnie Noquez/artStar, Amanda Smith/rain, Mounira Dobie/GooseBreeder, and milk/Kiara Makua.

Team Expert

All female members of Team Expert uplifted the team to its highest point after participating in major female tournaments. But their biggest achievements was placing second in GIRLGAMER Festival and placing third in the Intel Katowice. Unfortunately, the team disbanded last November, but Expert employed the players for different team roles. Catch the players in streams or special projects by Expert, featuring Laura Dejou/NSTY, Alexia Mengus/aLX-,Laura Le Bars/CERIIZZN, Amelie Raoul/aME, and Meyssa Bellouati.

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