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Clash: New League In-Game Tournament Brings Back Competition

Posted 14th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    196 Views

Clash: New League In-Game Tournament Brings Back Competition - Tipify

Clash brings an esports feel

Riot raised the competition bar in League after removing it’s ranked queuing a long time ago. In spite of Riot’s past efforts to improve the game, a new addition comes to light after the game developers seek to bring a more professional and esports feel to the LoL client called Clash. The new addition will feature an online tournament that anyone can enter along with a team consisting of 5 players. The tournament also requires an entrance fee in terms of ‘tickets’, which can be purchased using RP or Blue Essence. If you’re looking to save your RP, you can earn the Clash tickets by completing specific missions.

Although Clash will only be limited and won’t resemble rank queues which can be played anytime, it will be organized, most likely on weekends, and it will have the total competitive nature of an esports tournament.

The mode spotlights a tournament-style bracket, and the ability to trade or buy-out players. Clash will make you experience playing like a pro. You have the option to scout your opponents before the match starts, where you can view your their roster and stats such as their most used champions and other relevant data. Thus, you can decide which champions to pick or ban. The specific details have not been specified just yet, as the target date for the mode’s release is on 2018, during the season eight.

Keeping the commitment

Riot made sure to keep the commitment in Clash. And it’s true, once your team invests in the tickets to join the tourney—which uses RP, remember—you and your friends will definitely think twice about abandoning the league. More than that, this also decreases any chance of teams quitting the competition.

Unfortunately, Riot did not divulge the possible rewards, but skin shards and essence are certain winnings. Also, the good thing about the tournament, Riot makes sure that every team receives a reward regardless of their performance. But of course, if you performed the best, then you can expect bigger and better rewards.

Clash is currently in beta testing in certain regions like EUW, EUNE, and TR and the world release is early 2018. Will these games bring enough thrill to be included on esports betting sites next year?

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff