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The CS:GO Battle Royale Is Now Here

Posted 29th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    220 Views

The CS:GO Battle Royale Is Now Here - Tipify

If we can summarize online multiplayer gaming in 2017, we only have two words to say to you: Battle Royale. With 2017 about to come to an end, there’s no stopping esports from bringing exciting news and new additions to make both gaming, esports, and CS:GO betting more enjoyable.

CS:GO in a Battle Royale setting

Battle Royale (BR) is a video game genre first introduced by Bluehole’s Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG). Other games, like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and others, have integrated the BR genre into their own as a game mode. In which the genre became a wild trend this 2017 that skyrocketed PUBG into new heights and even became the most played game on Steam. PUBG has an active 2 million players daily, according to Steamspy, a Steam statistics service.

If you’re a fan of CS:GO and last-man-standing shooter games, then this new game mode is perfect for you.


A German developer Kinsi, a King of the Hill and CS:GO player, created a small-scale version of the BR mode but incorporated with the CS:GO game. Go4TheKill is the CS:GO server that simulates the battle royale game mode located in a larger Overpass map. However, a server can only hold 20 players, instead of the usual 100 capacity of other BR games.

The bottom line of the server is the combination of King of the Hill and CS:GO in a single game. Wherein, every gun, grenade, knife, ammo, and armor are all based on the CS:GO engine and mechanics. Also, instead of having the usual third-person shooter view, the server will have CS:GO’s first-person shooter point-of-view.

Playing on the server requires a Steam account on Go4TheKill’s website. To begin, simply launch the CS:GO game and wait for the player queue to find a game for you.

Battle Royale game modes is a fun and great way to experience different games from another perspective. It doesn’t require too much gaming knowledge or the need to read up on the game’s mechanics, like the MOBA genre wherein playing those type of games normally take awhile to understand and get good results from. Unlike the BR genre, you can literally hop on the game, without any game knowledge whatsoever. But that’s where you can have the most fun playing when you take the adventure of not knowing where to go or what to do in a game. And that’s where the BR genre’s come in, to give a relaxing gaming encounter.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff