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CS:GO Senior Team, Silver Snipers: Finds Life After Retirement Playing Competitive CS:GO

Posted 26th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    268 Views

Finding Life After Retirement: CS:GO Senior Team Silver Snipers - Tipify

Video games are dominantly played by young people, especially in competitive gaming. For players making a living out of playing CS:GO or Dota 2, the end of the line is around the late thirties. But that’s not the case when you’re looking to enjoy the world of gaming, in which there are enthusiastic 70-year-old video gamers enjoying all there is about gaming.

This is the case for the senior CS:GO team, Silver Snipers. Monica Idenfors, a new retiree found an ad that was looking for senior citizens who wants to join an esports team and compete at the Dreamhack Festival in Sweden. Idenfors thought that this would be a good way to spend her free time and signed up for the team. Idenfors along with four other members built the CS:GO team, Silver Snipers.

Meet the oldest CS:GO team

The Silver Snipers are comprised of players with witty names created by the members themselves. These are Abbe Drakborg or ‘BirDie’, Monica Idenfors or ‘Teen Slayer’, Wanja Godange or ‘Knitting Knight’, Bertil Englund or ‘Berra-Bang’, and lastly, Oivind Toverud or “Windy”. Each member of this new team did not have any CS:GO experience prior to joining.

Lenovo sponsored the team with a goal of ‘broadening the audience of esports.’ So with that, they have been given the opportunity to be coached by former CS:GO player and Ninjas in Pyjamas star, Tommy Ingemarsson or “Potti”.

Their training started with 3 weeks left before the tournamen. Even professional players begin their practice sessions earlier than that. Ingemarsson taught the game’s fundamentals including, adjusting the settings, aiming, and knowing their opponents. Surprisingly, the Silver Snipers took everything seriously. They began their practice sessions armed with questions that further improved their abilities. At the same time, they trained hard to make sure audiences from around the world gets a good show. Their coach talked about the team’s hard work, “They actually were really passionate about it,” says Ingemarsson.

Unfortunately, the Silver Snipers struggled to find their pace in the tournament despite their passion and enthusiasm. The team lost their only two matches, but they came out of the tournament with heads held high and highlight plays that will surely be remembered.

Idenfors used CS:GO to improve her skills and found a new passion

Because of this, more seniors begin to show interest in playing CS:GO and joining the Silver Snipers team. Despite their losses, the community was kind to the Snipers and was overall positive with the results. Idenfors will now offer CS:GO lessons for her co-senior citizens. With this, she claims that playing CS:GO improved her other hobbies that helped her think of new strategies when playing mahjong and solitaire. Especially, the FPS game seemed to be a stress reliever for Idenfors as getting those headshots made her relaxed. “I have days when I’m frustrated or anxious, but when I’m gaming it helps,” she says. “I feel good after,” Idenfors added.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff