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Esports Tournaments You Can Catch This Weekend

Posted 9th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    178 Views

Esports Tournaments You Can Catch This Weekend - Tipify

After a long week of rendering work overtimes or cramming history lessons to ace a final test, the weekend is now for the taking. It is a time to relax and enjoy, after the week you’ve been through. But of course, you’re here for esports. So, if you’re looking for the major tournaments going on about the realms of CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2 then here’s a compilation of competitive tournaments that you wouldn’t want to miss this weekend.

CS:GO tournaments to watch this weekend

Lots of bomb-defuses and sniping action are headed your way as two CS:GO Major tournaments enters its playoff stages. The ESL Pro League Season 6 and ROG Masters 2017 finished its group stages on Friday and the semi-finals for both tournaments will be held on Saturday, December 9th. Are we set to see upsets or will the top teams continue their superior performances? Meanwhile, there are also other minor tournaments you can look out for like the Gfinity Elite Series (GES) and the Australian Esports Masters (AES) 2017. The GES tournament is in its finals round that presents a locked and loaded match up with EnVY vs Epsilon. It’ll be the French team going against the Swedes on Sunday, as both teams try to gun each other down for the top prize of 40,000 GBP.

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Dota 2 tournaments to watch this weekend

More playoff stages is set to take off this weekend, but this time it’s in ultimates and laning in MOBA game styles. The ROG Masters and MDL tournaments in Asia are just getting started as the stakes get higher and as the teams vie for the top prize pools and those qualifying Pro Circuit Points.

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League of Legends tournaments to watch this weekend

Fellow Summoners can enjoy the festivities of the All-Star Tournament, and it’s not too late to keep tabs on your favorite players and teams battle it out in the star-studded LoL tournament. Additionally, the Superliga ABCDE continues its playoffs stages. Watch the minor league on Sunday as it unfolds a new League of Legends champion.

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Overwatch tournaments to watch this weekend

The new and aspiring Overwatch league finally debuted. But before the league starts, teams warm up in anticipation of the Preseason games. Furthermore, the teams already showcased what they can bring to the Overwatch scene. You can continue to watch and place Overwatch bets until the scrimmages end on Sunday.

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