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FaZe Ends The Final CS:GO Tournament Of 2017 As Champions

Posted 24th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    321 Views


FaZe Ends The Final CS:GO Tournament Of 2017 As Champions - Tipify

FaZe just started it’s team back in January 2016 after buying out former G2 Esports and it has been a great year for the Europeans. The team finalized their roster in August after winning StarLadder Invitational 3 last April and with a star-studded lineup of rain, Olofmeister, GuardiaN, karrigan, and NiKo–winning three tournaments since then and notably finishing the year as champions of the Esports Series Championship 2017, even without the reigning number one team, SK Gaming. Although, it looks like they’re chasing the Brazilians to claim that top spot and it’ll  surely be one of the greatest rivalries of CS:GO.

CS:GO’s Rivalry

FaZe had the chance to beat SK Gaming  during the ESL Pro League 6 this month when the two met in the finals round of the tournament. It was an awesome series as the Europeans proved they can compete and have a chance against the Brazilians. Although, we all know what happened during the fourth game when SK just took control and won the tournament. We just witnessed two of CS:GO’s best teams take their rivalry to the next level.

Two-Time MVP

FaZe’s rain won the MVP award twice this year in different tournaments: rain won the ECS Season 4 as the tournament’s MVP where he showed his fantastic frags and that he was a player to watch out. The 23-year-old was humbled and admits that he still has a lot to learn, most especially from his teammates. rain was also adamant about chasing SK Gaming and defeating them, as he stated in an interview, “When you fight for something like this, you get more energy, you feel it more. SK not being here means we cannot be number one and we won’t be number one until we beat them, so I’m looking forward to 2018.” The Brazilians not joining the final tournament might have been a blow, but it gave mousesports an opportunity to grab  a title of their own, who were the finalists with FaZe, to compete and show their grit.

Being number two isn’t too bad. But us bettors and fans are in for a good and action-packed time with FaZe and SK’s rivalry. These two teams are skilled CS:GO teams who are just fierce competitors possessing excellent skills. We will have to wait until 2018 to catch these two teams in action again.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff