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Galaxy Battles II China Qualifying Teams Race To The 2018 Major

Posted 19th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    202 Views

Galaxy Battles II China Qualifying Teams Race To The 2018 Major - Tipify

Galaxy Battles II: China Qualifier

The first Dota 2 Major that kicks off the year 2018 will be the Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds. The tournament, hosted by Fallout Gaming, takes place in The Philippine Arena in Bulacan–the largest arena in the Philippines. Galaxy Battles, as a major tournament, boasts a $1 million cash prize along with 1,500 PCP for its winners. But before that, the last region that needs to qualify is the China region and its China Qualifiers just recently kicked off its playoff stages.

The Qualifying Tournament will be played online and only one Dota 2 team can advance to the Major tournament next year. Teams that are vying for that one spot are Vici Gaming, LGD Gaming, CDEC Gaming, EHOME, Invictus Gaming, iG Vitality, Keen Gaming, VGJ.Thunder, SunGaming, and Newbee.M.

Today’s Matches

The Qualifying Tournament is formatted as; eight teams divided into two groups and feature a best-of-three double-elimination bracket, but only one team from each group gets to advance to Stage 2. Finally, Stage 2 will be a best-of-three single-elimination and the winner gets to join Galaxy Battles II.

These are the four matches slated today, December 19, with the odds drawn from Arcanebet.

Vici Gaming and LGD Gaming are the two teams who have already claimed the Stage 2 semi-finals spot and awaiting are the final two contenders that are still on Stage 1.

The matches continue tomorrow at 11 CST and the first game pits EHOME and IG.Vitality against each other as the former team is listed as the favorite to win with 1.34 odds and the latter team with 3.11 odds to win the match.

The next match is CDEC vs Newbee Miracle, putting CDEC as match favorite with 1.50 odds and the third team of Newbee, Newbee Miracle with 2.49 odds to win the match.

The third match sees Keen Gaming vs Invictus Gaming with 2.50 odds and 1.46 odds respectively.

The final match of the day is VGJ.Thunder vs Sun Gaming. VGJ is listed as the match favorite with 1.26 odds and Sun with 3.60 odds to win the match.

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff