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KeSPA Cup 2017 Semis: SSG Vs KT & SKT Vs LZ

Posted 1st December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    240 Views

KeSPA Cup 2017 Semis: SSG Vs KT & SKT Vs LZ - Tipify

We’re down to the final four teams at the Korean Esports Association (KeSPA) Cup 2017. The semis round is definitely heating up as non-stop action is set to begin.

Semi-Finals Match 1

Samsung Galaxy will face KT Rolster in a best-of-three series for the finals spot. Samsung continued its winning streak after sweeping the quarterfinals match against MVP. SSG was the Worlds 2017 champion and expectations for them to win were low during the League tournament. Will the Koreans continue to dominate as the number one League of Legends team?

KT Rolster also swept E8W during the quarterfinal stage. KT did not qualify for the Worlds, but the team is still a competitive team. Back in the 2017 LCK Summer playoffs, KT placed third in the tournament after bringing the legendary team, SKT to 5 games but could not successfully win the game.

Samsung is the favorite to win the series with 1.67 odds and KT with 2.23 odds. But, if you’re into creative bets like spreads, first blood, and map wins, offers side bets like these. The total kills for this series is 19.5, and the First Blood is pretty much a coin toss with KT -116 and SSG with -110.

Semi-Finals Match 2

SK Telecom1 will be battling Longzhu Gaming, in a best-of-three series, to advance to the finals round. This series has one of the greatest narratives of KeSPA Cup 2017. Faker, along with SKT teammates, will face former teammate and jungler, Peanut in this semis matchup and the first time after being left off the roster. SKT took a big risk after signing an aggressive jungler in Peanut. And even though he is one of the strongest junglers in League, SKT had trouble meshing with his playing style and Peanut usually finished games with no impact at all. Now that both teams have changed playing style, we are sure to witness one of League’s greatest matches.

SKT’s quarterfinals series against Griffin took 3 games and SKT looked a little bit shaky during the matches. But, Faker seems to be headstrong on winning and will not allow anything to go wrong. Can Faker carry SKT back to greatness again?

Longzhu met Jin Air in the quarterfinal stages, and the new super team did not waste any time, took control of the entire series and swept Jin Air 2-0. Will the reunion of former teammates, Peanut, PraY, and GorillA lead LZ to success?

LZ is the favorite to win and advances to the semis with 1.66 odds but SKT isn’t too far ahead with 2.24 odds to win. SKT will want to win this and set-up a revenge match against their Worlds loss to SSG. Can the legendary team pull it off?

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