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KT Rolster Is Back; Wins KeSPA Cup

Posted 5th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    326 Views

KT Rolster Is Back; Wins KeSPA Cup - Tipify

The 2017 season of the Korean Esports Association (KeSPA) Cup ended as KT Rolster—after struggling performances in season 6 and 7—claims the championship title of the tournament. KT defeated Longzhu in a best-of-five series that stretch all 5 games.

After rebuilding its roster in season 6, KT was tagged as a superteam with the lineup of a world champion comprising of Mata, Smeb,—a top League player—and Deft. But it was a different story in season 7. Their map awareness was poor and decision making was subpar. SKT swept the “KT Superteam” in the LCK tournament. But, when season 8 came, KT entered the tournament without changing the lineup, as the team proved that it was the smart decision after taking down renewed-roster in Longzhu in the KeSPA Cup Finals.

KeSPA Cup Finals

Longzhu fronted its new lineup in this tournament with the reunion of Peanut, GorillA, and PraY. LZ opted to anchor a team with former KT rosters was also considered as a superteam by fans. And the Korean team proved that in this Cup after taking down the great SKT during the KeSPA semis. But, the finals series against KT was like a coin toss. Both teams traded wins until the final game—the decider. LZ had control, but after a comeback from KT where they were able to steal the Baron along with more objectives, KT had a chance to win the game and the series. The final game went past the 50-minute mark when another messy team fight occurred in the bottom lane. KT’s perfectly timed ultimates were enough to take down LZ and push down the lane. After KT’s grueling comeback, they were crowned as the tournament’s champions. While a few issues surfaced, the Korean team proved that they are not to be messed with.

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There are more League of Legends tournaments to catch and bet on as the All-star 2017 makes it way to December 7. The All-Star game will feature top players from NA, Europe, and Asia regions that will form teams going head-to-head against each other. Furthermore, catch the 1v1 tournament and witness top players fight without the help of their teammates. We’ll be releasing the full matches and odds later in the week.

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Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff