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Betting Is Open For League of Legends All-Star 2017

Posted 7th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    296 Views


Many esports betting sites now have League of Legends odds for the annual All-Star Event in Los Angeles, California, happening on December 7 to 10. Browse the Tipify odds page as we have taken the opportunity to provide the best odds from the best betting sites.

Arcanebet opened their lines to accept bets on the 3-day tournament. You can choose enticing betting options like match winner, total kills or over/under betting, the team who gets the first blood and to first 10 kills, over/under on the total game time, and predict if the kills end in odd or even numbers. With these exciting and creative bets, you won’t be stuck second-guessing match winners. There’s no need to waste money on tough predictions. Thankfully, these betting options are readily available.

The sportsbook provides odds for the first day of the festivities. The League of Legends’ strongest players will join together to form a dream team from their own regions and fight other regions as well. The community formed the roster to complete the 8 region teams by voting for their favorite players in each role. These regions will compete for the All-Star champion titles, which also comes with bragging rights.

5V5 Tournament

The first game of the event will have the Brazil All-Stars going against the North American All-Stars. The strong NA region is headed by Bjergsen and are favored to win in this game with 1.28 odds. Meanwhile, the Brazilians aren’t backing down with 3.40 odds.

The second game of the day features European All-Stars versus the Korean All-Stars. The Koreans are favorites in this game with 1.30 odds thanks to their surreal lineup. The community seems to know how to create an all-star caliber team, as this rockstar lineup is fronted by legendary Faker, along with strong supports in PraY and GorillA. The additions of World champions in CuVee and Ambition is icing on the cake. With 3.28 odds, the EU region has to go all out if they want to upset the Koreans.

Southeast Asia All-Stars will try their troll-pick strategy against the China All-Stars with 3.30 odds. The Chinese will have Worlds-experienced, Kami added to the roster. China All-Stars are favored against the SEA All-Stars with 1.28 odds.

We’re halfway through the first-day slate, as the LMS All-Stars are set to fight Turkey All-Stars with 1.30 odds and 3.27 odds, respectively. LMS, Karsa will carry the region against the Turks with strong top-laner, Ziv. Although, the Turks will be lead by new mid-laner in the TCL region, Frozen, which sparks an interesting matchup.

Going to the fifth game, the China All-Stars will battle against the North American All-Stars. This game might be a close one with the Chinese having the upper hand at 1.66 odds, but the Americans are not far behind with 2.10 odds.

The final and sixth game of the day showcases the star-studded Koreans going against the LMS All-Stars. The Koreans are favored with 1.20 odds and the LMS region will have their work cut out  with 3.80 odds.

1V1 Tournament

The 1v1 tournament is the newest addition to the League’s All-Star event, albeit it is also included in the changes the event faced. In this individual tournament, we’ll see how the top players do without the utilities and support of their teammates. Here’s a list of the 1v1 matches to look out for.

League of Legends All-Star 2017 1v1 table

Riot has changed the format of the event and we will see if it adds more heated battles in the tournament. Should the players take it easy on these matches, you still have a chance to make it more interesting by placing wagers. Not a bad way to start and end the tournament, huh?

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