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Midweek CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, and Overwatch Tournaments To Watch

Posted 6th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    432 Views

Midweek CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, and Overwatch Tournaments To Watch - Tipify

Entering the month of December is usually greeted with the holiday spirit along with the stresses of planning for the parties and events. Also, the need going to shopping malls come around more often. Putting all of these aside, esports followers’ wishes have been granted by tournament gods and have bestowed plenty of matches and exciting games to look forward to this midweek Wednesday.

CS:GO Tournaments this week

For all of you gunners, expect competitive major tournaments coming your way. Tomorrow, December 6, the Esports Entertainment Association (ESEA): Open-Division-Brazil is headed to its quarterfinal stages with the final bracket finishing up to complete the semi-finals roster. While the ESL Pro League 6 Finals opened its tournament with the Group A completing its first-round. The premier tournament features top CS:GO teams like Fnatic, Astralis, NiP, Liquid, and more.

On December 7, the major tournament, ROG Masters begins in Kuala Lumpur to determine the right champion of the ROG Masters Finals. In addition, if you’re looking for minor tournaments that can act kicker bets, watch out for Makemybet.cup, Skin Hub Season 2, DaddySkins Cup, and CSGO.Net Cup. These minor tournaments are mostly for amateur players, but they do deliver competitive matches and gives a good show. That’s more than enough CS:GO to get you through the week!

Dota 2 Tournaments this week

There’s also plenty of Radiant and Dire matches to catch this week as two major tournaments are about to start on December 7 and 8. Asia will continue to heat up with the two tournaments holding their events in Kuala Lumpur and Macau. The ROG Masters 2017 is ready to present the list of competing teams after finishing the qualifying rounds for each region. The offline tournament will be hosted by Kuala Lumpur along with other esports like CS:GO. Don’t miss this tourney as the stakes are high for every team with a $235,000 prize pool. Switching over to Macau, where the Mars Dota 2 League (MDL) will have its offline tournament on December 8. Catch your favorite teams battle it out for the very important 300 circuit points and a massive $300,000 prize pool.

Overwatch Tournaments this week

To start the ball rolling, the Asian Overwatch tournament, Nexus Cup continues its playoffs stages. Who do you think will be crowned as the Nexus Cup champion? More importantly, though, more than a year after its announcement—and delays here and there—the Overwatch League will finally open its doors. But for now, we’ll see how our new teams fare against each other in the new and aspiring league at the OWL preseason games. We have one toast to make before the league starts—here’s to hoping Overwatch spectating gets better.

League of Legends Tournaments this week

This year’s League of Legend’s All-Star event launches new match format changes. But this means that it can make the event more serious and competitive. Watch the star-studded event on December 7 to 10 on Twitch and other live streaming websites.

Esports betting

With the plenty of action in CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, and League of Legends to watch, others may feel like taking the action to the next level. Fuel your love for esports and betting together with the best sportsbooks. Thankfully, Tipify brings you competitive odds from top sportsbooks that leaves you with quality choices Not only that, with our new Tipster page, fellow fans can leave tips and predictions on specific matches.

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