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Overwatch League Early Odds: Seoul Dynasty Logged To Win Championship

Posted 17th December 2017 By: Kyle-Tipify Staff    182 Views


Overwatch League opens soon

The inaugural season of the Overwatch League opens on January 10th at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles City. Its preseason matches finished early this week as the Seoul Dynasty, Dallas Fuel, and Los Angeles Valiant all came out on top after ending the scrimmages with their records unscathed. But, like what everyone says, it’s only the preseason and certain factors might have influenced the players’ gaming nature and the possibility of teams trying out new playing styles and sets.

Whichever it might be, one thing is true though. We’ve got the early future Overwatch League odds and it logged the Koreans, Seoul Dynasty, as the frontrunner to reign as the first champion of the new league with 3.20 odds. Dynasty is composed of players from Team Lunatic-Hai and carries experience and even trophies from various tournaments. Additionally, we present more odds on which teams will win OWL and top-six teams with the highest odds to reach the finals.

The London Spitfire is close behind Seoul Dynasty to win the League with 3.40 odds. In which, Spitfire’s roster is fielded by Cloud9’s EU team who proves to be one of the most competitive Overwatch teams in the world. Although, Spitfire played two games during the preseason and went 1-1 during the 3-day event. Will the Europeans establish that they are a team to beat once the league starts?

Overwatch League futures odds

Continuing the odds for the OWL champion, New York Excelsior sports 4.40 odds, Dallas Fuel with 6.30, Shanghai Dragons with 19.00 odds, Philadelphia Fusion with 20.50 odds, Houston Outlaws with 22.00 odds, Florida Mayhem with 28.00 odds, Los Angeles Valiant with 35.50 odds, Los Angeles Gladiators with 36.50 odds, San Francisco Shock with 46.00 odds, and the Boston Uprising with 56.00 odds.

Meanwhile, the odds on which teams will make the finals round highlight the following: London Spitfire with 1.65 odds, Seoul Dynasty with 1.95 odds, New York Excelsior with 2.25 odds, Dallas Fuel with 3.05 odds, Shanghai Dragons with 8.70 odds, and Philadelphia Fusion with 9.20 odds.

These future odds may still change as the league inches closer to its opening. The question though, judging from the odds, will we see the top teams dominate or are we bound to see upsets? We will just have to wait until the new Overwatch League opens and the teams slug it out!

Kyle-Tipify Staff

Written by Kyle-Tipify Staff